Telstra Has Some Good News For 5G Phone Owners

Telstra Has Some Good News For 5G Phone Owners

This week Telstra announced a complete overhaul of its phone plans – reducing 1,800 different variants down to just 20.

One of the key features of these plans was the plan to charge some customers for 5G network access after a ‘trial period’, which ends in June 2020.

But what about customers who already bought a 5G device on one of the now-defunct plans over the past few weeks?

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Telstra Just Changed All Of Its Phone Plans” excerpt=”We’ve known for a while now that Telstra planned on revamping its plans by the end of June, and now we know what the big reveal is.”]

The new plans don’t have lock in contracts and give customers the ability to move up and down plans once a month, depending on their data needs. Flexibility is the key messaging being pushed by Telstra as it moves towards this ‘add on’ approach to phone plans.

Whether its international calls, entertainment packages or access to 5G, Telstra is saying that it doesn’t want customers to pay for something they don’t want. But if they want to pay extra for a service on top of their monthly plan, they can.

Here are all the new plans:

While customers with Large and Extra Large plans will get 5G for free after June 30, 2020 (it’s free for everyone until then), it left a question mark over what would happen to the connectivity of those who bought a 5G device on a Telstra plan over the last month or so.

Speaking to Gizmodo Australia, a Telstra spokesperson confirmed that any customer who bought a 5G device plan (HTC Hub, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 or Oppo Reno) before the new plans were announced will continue to receive free 5G after the June 30 2020 cut off. This also applies to anyone who upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to the 5G variant.

Telstra also confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday that it would honour all contracts that customers are already on.

If you want to swap over to a new plan but your current contract period isn’t up yet, we recommend contacting Telstra to see what can be done.

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