What’s Worse: These Gucci Snapchat Spectacles Or The Video Promoting Them?

What’s Worse: These Gucci Snapchat Spectacles Or The Video Promoting Them?

Despite multiple generations plagued by lacklustre sales, Snap continues to pump out more versions of its try-hard Spectacles. But now, thanks to the release of some limited edition Gucci-themed Spectacles 3, we’re faced with an interesting question. What’s worse, the new Spectacles themselves, or the short film Snap made to promote them?

At first glance, the easy answer is the glasses are the worst. Between the colourful faux-graffiti box and case that comes with the Spectacles and the obnoxious Gucci pattern printed onto the Spectacles’ lenses, the Spectacles x Gucci collaboration is a gaudy mess trying to masquerade as haute couture.

However, things aren’t quite so clear after watching Duck Duck, a short film made to promote the Gucci-themed Spectacles created by the ‘90s icon and Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine (who was also in charge of designing the glasses).

Featuring an old man in a hot dog costume (of course) and a pair of psychedelic pandas traipsing around Miami Beach, Duck Duck feels like a vision of a social media dominated dystopian future nightmare come to life. Somehow, even with all the in-your-face effects, the circular fisheye view captured by the Spectacles 3 manages to elevate the whole inanity of the project.

Unfortunately, for anyone actually enamoured with the glasses, these limited edition Gucci Spectacles don’t seem like they will ever go on sale, as only 50 were made to go along with the premiere of Duck Duck last night at the Art Basel’s Miami Beach show.

On the bright side, Snap says all the AR effects and filters used to create Duck Duck will be available for Spectacles 3 users to try themselves starting December 7. So if you’ve ever wanted to make your own Spring Breakers-style movie, now’s your chance, you’ll just need to book a cameo from Riff Raff yourself.

But what say you, are Snap’s new glasses and movie trash, or have they come full circle and become high art?

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