How To Make A Perfect Transformers Figure, And More Of The Most Optimal Toys Of The Week

How To Make A Perfect Transformers Figure, And More Of The Most Optimal Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of all the fun toys and collectibles you forgot you pre-ordered until your credit card statement arrives. This week we’ve got another Lego Creator expert vehicle for your growing car collection, the best Optimus Prime to ever appear on the big screen in figure form, a chilling Mr. Freeze, and some iconic plush video game baddies you won’t instinctively feel the need to blast to smithereens.

Mezco Toys One:12 Collective Mr. Freeze Deluxe Edition

Would Mr. Freeze’s life been different if he—Victor Fries—had not been born with a last name that seemingly put him on the path to supervillainy from birth? It’s impossible to say, but we’re OK with this timeline which has resulted in Mezco Toys’ latest DC Comics figure.

Freeze stands just shy of seven inches tall but includes 30 points of articulation and an incredibly detailed armoured cryo-tech suit that lights up in several places. For $US120 ($181), Mr. Freeze includes multiple sets of swappable hands, two head sculpts, a removable helmet, and freeze effect accessories that can be attached to other Mezco figures that dare to get in his way.

ThreeA Toys Bumblebee Optimus Prime

If you can get over the fact this 11-inch tall Optimus Prime figure doesn’t actually transform into truck mode, then you’ll be able to enjoy what is easily the best scaled replica of the best version of Optimus to hit the big screen. (Yes, that includes the animated version from the 1986 movie who tragically dies.)

ThreeA Toys has included a staggering level of detail in this figure, including 53 points of articulation, which more than makes up for its inability to transform. Accessories include Prime’s iconic ion blaster, swappable hands, real metal parts, and battery-powered glowing LED eyes. Based on Optimus’ appearance in the Bumblebee movie, it will set you back $US200 ($302).

Lego Creator Expert Fiat 500

Adding to its collection of large-scaled detailed replicas of famous cars (including James Bond’s Aston Martin and the Batmobile), Lego’s latest Creator Expert build is this charming 960-piece late-’60s Fiat 500 that won’t necessarily require you to block off an entire day to complete.

With features like a luggage rack and suitcase, working doors, a detailed interior, a brick-built engine, a spare tire, and an art easel featuring a painting of the car parked in Rome, it will make you feel as if you’ve visited Italy without, you know, all the health concerns currently related to such a trip. At $139.99 it’s also much cheaper than flying to Rome and trying to rent one of these for a week of sight-seeing.

Executive Replicas 2001: A Space Odyssey Sixth-Scale Clavius Astronaut Suit

To some, spending $450+ on an action figure, like Hot Toys’ wonderful collectibles, is absolutely ludicrous. But we’d like to see their reaction to Executive Replicas’s new sixth-scale 2001: A Space Odyssey astronaut suit, based on the outfits the characters wore while exploring the site where the monolith was discovered on the Earth’s moon. Officially shipping in a couple of months it’s priced at $US380 ($573), and that’s just for the tiny outfit—it doesn’t come with a 12-inch sixth-scale figure inside it. The detailing is immaculate, and it is based on what is probably the greatest science-fiction film of all time, so maybe your favourite Hot Toys figure deserves another swap of clothing.

Gaming Heads Doom Plush Baddies

Can you really call yourself a gamer if you haven’t played through at least one version of Doom? (Ideally, ID’s original first-person shooter that changed gaming forever.) Just looking at these adorable six-inch plush versions of the game’s Cacodemon and Pain Elemental baddies conjures up memories of turning a corner in the game and being confronted with these terrifying obstacles.

These plush versions are considerably less nightmarish given they don’t actively hunt and shoot at you, but we can’t say we’re too excited to cuddle up next to one at night.