Ridley Scott’s Raised By Wolves Costume Designer Breaks Down the Show’s Alien Style

Ridley Scott’s Raised By Wolves Costume Designer Breaks Down the Show’s Alien Style

Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller Raised By Wolves is officially a hit: today, HBO Max announced it’s ordered a second season. The show — about a pair of androids raising human children on an alien planet — distinguishes itself from other sci-fi fare with its striking visuals, and that includes the costumes.

Janty Yates, who’s worked with Ridley Scott multiple times over the years (she won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design for her work on Gladiator), gets her own featurette highlighting her contributions to Raised By Wolves’ futuristic-yet-also-weirdly-medieval costumes. Check it out!

Impressive stuff, not the least of which the fact that one outfit was specifically inspired by “Ridley’s passion for the French fire helmets of yesteryear.” Looks a lot more comfy than all that latex, no?

[referenced id=”1293042″ url=”https://gizmodo.com.au/2020/08/ridley-scotts-new-raised-by-wolves-trailer-pits-gods-against-androids/” thumb=”https://gizmodo.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/25/tp4p37atlnfwtzznu1ya-300×169.gif” title=”Ridley Scott’s New Raised by Wolves Trailer Pits Gods Against Androids” excerpt=”The first trailer for Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi series Raised by Wolves was shrouded in mystery. Why were these androids tasked with raising children on a distant planet, what happened back on Earth, and who was this mysterious “wolf” trying to take everything away? In this latest trailer, we’ve got…”]

As for that season two renewal news, Scott offered a tiny update in an HBO Max press release: “We are already deep into the ‘layers’ of season two, as [creator Aaron Guzikowski] has begun to shape what we think will be another brilliant season to inspire the imagination.”

Raised by Wolves is now streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes each Thursday until its October 1 season one finale.

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