Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland Look Like They’re in for a Wild Ride in Chaos Walking’s First Trailer

Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland Look Like They’re in for a Wild Ride in Chaos Walking’s First Trailer

Based on Patrick Ness’ sci-fi book trilogy (he also worked on the screenplay with Christopher Ford), the Doug Limon directed Chaos Walking has been on a long road to get in front of viewers. Now, we’ve got our first trailer starring Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley, Spider-Man’s Tom Holland, and Rihanna’s bitch, Mads Mikkelson — and it was worth the wait.

I’ve not read Ness’ novels and have only heard vague whispers of what this adventure is all about but the first trailer — which also features David Oyelowo and Nick Jonas — presents a rather unique feature of this particular future. Not only are there no more women living on Earth, all the men’s thoughts are broadcast from their heads for all to hear.

[referenced id=”1530401″ url=”https://gizmodo.com.au/2020/11/heres-a-new-look-at-chaos-walking-a-movie-that-magically-still-exists/” thumb=”https://gizmodo.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/18/a2piqytrf67vh8avfagc-300×169.jpg” title=”Here’s a New Look at Chaos Walking, a Movie That Magically Still Exists” excerpt=”The existence of a sci-fi action film starring Spider-Man and Rey that hasn’t been released yet feels kind of wild. Chaos Walking, based on a novel by Patrick Ness, stars Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley and was originally supposed to be out in March 2019. It was then deemed “unreleasable” and…”]

Oh yeah, and there are aliens.

It’s been called “unreleasable” but Chaos Walking currently has a release date of January 22, 2021 but we’ll keep you updated on that considering…everything.

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