Gizmodo Investigates: Will Wearing a Giant Baby Yoda Onesie Improve Your Mandalorian Viewing Experience?

Gizmodo Investigates: Will Wearing a Giant Baby Yoda Onesie Improve Your Mandalorian Viewing Experience?

The Mandalorian is already some pretty solid Star War. But what if we could improve on it by looking like an absolute idiot while watching? I, io9’s resident idiot, decided to find out.

As anticipation for The Mandalorian’s second season began building up a few weeks ago, so came with it a sea of merchandise. Toys! T-Shirts! Funkos! A…onesie for adults? As a noted impulsive Baby Yoda Item purchaser, I couldn’t help myself but to be drawn to Hot Topic’s “Plush Union Suit”, as they call it, a unisex onesie that replicates the Child’s snugglesome robes, complete with a hood depicting his lil’ head, ears and all.

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And so, I ordered. I waited, and then several weeks and one customs charge later, my dreams came true:

But it was not enough to frolic around in the early days of a British Fall/Winter transition. The Child Plush Union Suit was very soft, and very warm, the living embodiment of that Simpsons bit where Homer is curled up in bed like a cinnamon bun of pure peace. It was, as a one-size-fits most item, like being drowned in a blanket of Baby Yoda, even more so when you pulled the hood up to envelop yourself and/or terrify any nearby pets. These are all good things. But I wanted to be rigorous, and conduct some science. As Chapter 12 drew near, I prepared to conduct a field test: would I enjoy an episode of The Mandalorian more if I saw it through the eyes of being an incredibly soft Baby Yoda in disguise?

And so, behold the notes I took while sitting down to watch “The Siege” — transcribed from my notes app — resplendent in Child regalia like a functioning adult who gets paid to write things about this dumb franchise online:

  • It is 8am and I am very tired, so being in this soft blanket of a thing is not doing favours for my ability to keep my eyes open.
  • I am warm. Maybe I should’ve kept my workout clothes on instead of putting some lounge wear on. Pretty sure it’s like 8 degrees here right now, too. I should figure out what that is in American later. [Editorial update: -6 C, friends!]
  • Lotta shooting in this ep. Less Baby Yoda than I anticipated, so I’m waving my head around to flap the ears during the fight scenes.
  • I am very warm. If I unzip the chest a bit do violate the entire test? There’s only 10 minutes of the episode left…
  • VICTORY. I have completed the episode and I am taking this damn thing off and getting some water.

Turns out, Carl Weather’s The Mandalorian Chapter 12? Pretty alright Star War! Solid episode, not much going on outside of the action, but that’s also kind of The Mandalorian sometimes. Would I have liked it less if I was not bedecked in officially-sanctioned onesie? I conducted a control test that evening after work, re-watching this time without the hoodie. I was substantially cooler — in body temperature, not social cachet, to be clear — and obviously the surprises like the Dark Troopers didn’t quite land the second time around. But it was still pretty alright!

It would seem, at least, from this rigorous display of science, being dressed as Baby Yoda will not improve your enjoyment of The Mandalorian. I tested it again this week, and did not take notes, but came to the same conclusion: I looked very silly, I was very warm, and I was very comfortable. Oh, and The Mandalorian continues to be a solid piece of Star Wars.

So yes, maybe if you like looking a bit silly and need to be substantially warmed this winter, maybe consider dressing up like a 50 year old space baby and letting your inner child out for a bit. Or I dunno, buy a sweater or something. That might be better for when we’re allowed outside again.

The Mandalorian is currently streaming on Disney+.

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