This Might Be The Slowest Drag Race Ever

This Might Be The Slowest Drag Race Ever

We normally set up drag races to test the acceleration of a car in a straight line. It’s a good way to evaluate power, and it makes for some pretty great stats. But I think carwow’s latest drag race might take the cake for slowest drag race in the world.

We’ve got a Mercedes Actros and a Scania R500 on the docket today. You’d be forgiven if you haven’t heard of either machine before — they’re both 6×2 tractor units that the average car buyer probably won’t be considering when they’re in the market for a new vehicle. And, as you can imagine, they’re not exactly designed for that get-up-and-go we want from our sports cars.

It’s a great video.

For your reference, the Actros is outfitted with a 10.7-litre engine that makes 358kW. The Scania steps it up in all measures, from its 13-litre engine to its 373kW.

You get several different tests here. First, you just get the cabs having a go. Then, they load ‘em up with 40 tonnes and see how both machines can take off with the loads they’re designed to haul. They also check out the braking power, which might honestly be the more important metric here. I would, after all, prefer to know the big haulers on the road are equipped to stop as quickly as is humanly possible than know they can, y’know, drive real fast.

I’ll let you make your guesses as to which machine takes the cake — and which one might have an easier time stopping.

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