Cyberpunk 2077 Takes Way Longer To Download on PS5

Cyberpunk 2077 Takes Way Longer To Download on PS5

Cyberpunk 2077 has finally landed in Australia. But it’s not all good news: PS5 and PS4 users will be waiting longer thanks to a much larger day 1 patch.

According to CD Projekt Red, PC and Xbox versions of the game, as well as the day one patch, will download together. The entire download will reportedly be around 60 – 75 gig, depending on which platform you’re using.

Comparatively, the PlayStation version of the game, as well as the day 1 patch, will download separately and come to around 110 gig all together.

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This is a significant difference, particularly when dealing with Australian internet. Depending on what kind of connection you have, it could mean an extra day of waiting for the download to finish.

If you bought a boxed copy, on PC and on Xbox the game & Day 0 update will download together (between 60-75 gigs, depending on platform) while on Playstation the game and Day 0 update will download separately and will weight around 110gb,” Marcin Momot, CD Projekt Red’s global community lead, said on Twitter.

Marcin also clarified, saying the day zero update and day one patch are the same thing.

Why does Cyberpunk 2077 take longer to download on PS5?

We don’t definitively know why each platform has different files sizes, but it could be because each console is handling existing files differently. It’s possible that Xbox is only downloading what it needs to whole PS5 could be re-writing existing files. But this is just a theory.

Xbox also just handles downloads differently, such as combining the game and patch files, rather than separating them.

Xbox also had the advantage of allowing users to pre-download digital copies of game before it unlocked today. Unfortunately PlayStation users were not given this option and have no choice but to start downloading on day 1.

Languages has also been floated as another potential reason for the PS5 file size being bigger. According to speculation from one Reddit user, Xbox only downloads English as the base language whereas PlayStation will download all available languages, regardless of your settings. This theory has not been confirmed.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say his probably won’t be the last patch Cyberpunk 2077 has in its near future. Reviews of the game have reported a myriad of bugs, including quest and visual glitches and corrupted save files. So get ready for more downloads, regardless of which platform you’re playing on.