Sony’s First Airpeak Drone is a Hectic-Looking Unit

Sony’s First Airpeak Drone is a Hectic-Looking Unit

During its CES 2021 press conference Sony revealed its very first drone, the Airpeak. It’s a hardcore looking gadget that is equipped to carry heavy DSLR cameras.

Sony first announced the Airpeak back in November, but this is the first glimpse that we have got of it.

While specs and hard details are lacking, it was revealed during the press conference that the Airpeak will be the smallest drone capable of mounting DSLR cameras. According to Sony, it will still be “capable of dynamic filming and precise, stable flight” with a bulky camera attached.

While we don’t know the actual size or weight of the Airpeak, it still looks like an absolute unit, particularly with a camera attached. Sony isn’t messing about here and this has clearly been made with professional photographers in mind.

During the press conference, Sony President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said the Airpeak integrates AI and robotics to get its results.

“Airpeak enables video creators to explore new frontiers for visual expression,” Yoshida said.

It has also been built with Sony’s already-existing suite of cameras in mind.

“With Sony’s Alpha camera, stable dynamic remote shooting is possible.”

In a clever bit of cross promotion, Sony took this opportunity to also showcase the Airpeak shooting video of its Vision-S completing its debut road tests in Austria.

We don’t currently know the proposed price of the Airpeak or exactly when it will launch. However, in a press release last year Sony said it would be in Spring, 2021. For us Aussies that’s Autumn. So unless timings have changed since then, perhaps the wait won’t be that long.

You can watch the Airpeak in action right here:

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