The Ever Given Is A Microsoft Flight Sim Mod Now

The Ever Given Is A Microsoft Flight Sim Mod Now

Over the past week the internet has become intensely invested in the Ever Given – the cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal. It has been a constant source of memes and jokes and has now even been made into a Microsoft Flight Simulator mod.

Everyone hearts the Ever Given

A traffic jam on the Suez Canal is serious business and has consequences for trade routes around the world. It may even impact your Kickstarter games.

But despite the severity of the situation, the internet has embraced the Ever Green as a meme that’s relevant to almost all situations.

There are even real time trackers and a dedicated website that lets you know if the big boat is still stuck. At the time of writing, it is.

And now it’s in Microsoft Flight Simulator

And now the Ever Given has even popped up in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This gift has been brought to us courtesy of @donut_enforcement on TikTok.

The creator uploaded a video where they do a fly by of the Suez Canal where they appear to have added a mod that includes the stuck Ever Given cargo ship.

The video itself mimics pilot commentary, complete with the customary elongated “ahhhs” that are to be expected from a captain. It’s art.

“Ahhhh this is your captain speaking. If you look over the left we have the Suez Canal. This is where most of our world trade and cargo ships come through. And here we have a stuck cargo ship.”

The video proceeds to do a fly around of the Ever Given.

@donut_enforcementMSFS 2020 Stuck cargo ship #suezcanal #MSFS2020 #nvidia #evergiven #evergreen♬ Fly – Marshmello

If you want to add the Ever Given to Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can! It’s available over at

The video was also shared to Twitter by Mat Velloso, the Technical Advisor to the CEO at Microsoft.

In other Microsoft Flight Simulator news, just last week Adelaide got a custom upgrade courtesy of indie developer Orbx. You can find out more here.

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