James O’Keefe, Professional Person Impersonator, Firmly Denies Impersonating Persons

James O’Keefe, Professional Person Impersonator, Firmly Denies Impersonating Persons

James O’Keefe, whose criminal record includes entry of a federal lawmaker’s office under false pretense along with three goons dressed as telephone repairmen, would like you to know that he did not, under any circumstance, operate fake accounts on Twitter.

That settles that.

A Twitter spokesperson on Thursday told Gizmodo that, despite his declaration of innocence and threats to sue the company, O’Keefe was, in fact, caught “misleading others” by “operating fake accounts,” which is a violation of one of its longstanding rules.

O’Keefe’s Twitter account has been permanently suspended. His organisation, Project Veritas, is also currently suspended.

In a statement on Telegram, O’Keefe denied having “operated fake accounts,” calling the accusation “defamatory” and promising to sue. Twitter had no comment on the matter.

James O'Keefe mugshot from failed phone-tampering escapade (Photo: Federal Authorities)
James O’Keefe mugshot from failed phone-tampering escapade (Photo: Federal Authorities)

O’Keefe supporters, including Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, whose office phones presumably no one has ever tried tampering with in the midst of an idiotic costumed caper, rushed to O’Keefe defence only moments after the ban was in place.

Some of them, including journalist (sure, why not) Andy Ngo were eager to link the ban to O’Keefe’s work.

Screenshot: Twitter
Screenshot: Twitter

The suspension comes on the back of a blockbuster report by O’Keefe, defenders say, involving… wait this can’t be right… nope, checks out… involving one of O’Keefe’s employees impersonating a nurse on Tinder.

The employee, according to the New York Post, managed to record a CNN staffer confessing to a Massive Conspiracy by the network to play up covid-19 death tolls in an effort to get Joe Biden elected, or something.

The employee, whose job did not entail the tallying of covid-19 deaths, is described in reports as a “technical director,” which loosely means he knows how to work an audio board.

More than 560,000 Americans have died as a result of contracting covid-19, according to authoritative sources, such as top vaccinology, epidemiology, and contract-tracing experts all across the country.

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