This Home EV Charger Is Super Fast And Prepares Your Home For Power Loss

This Home EV Charger Is Super Fast And Prepares Your Home For Power Loss

It slices, it dices! This home EV charger has more uses than the Super Bass-o-matic 76. Instead of having a separate units for controlling everything, Dcbel’s r16 unit will connect your solar array to your home and the grid, manage your stationary battery power storage, charge your electric vehicle faster than any other home charger, and it can facilitate vehicle-to-home power backup in an emergency. It’s the whole package in one little box.

As EV chargers go, this thing is the crème de la crème. Because it’s backed up by stationary battery storage, it can charge via DC Fast much quicker than your standard L2 home charger. The Dcbel r16 comes with either a CHAdeMO or a CCS connector to really pump your car full of juice. It also has a standard L2 AC J1772 charger plug standard, and it can technically charge two cars at once, should you be so inclined. While a 110v plug will add around 8 km of charge per hour, and a standard L2 plug will add around 40-48 km in that same time, the Dcbel’s DC Fast plug will give you a mile of range for every minute it is plugged in!

This Home EV Charger Is Super Fast And Prepares Your Home For Power Loss
Image: Dcbel

Unlike most home chargers, the r16 has bi-directional flow from the DC port, meaning you can use your EV as a backup power source for your home. The r16 can be ordered with an optional 7.6 kWh backup battery, but this only provides about 10 hours of backup power for the average home, so say you have a new Hummer EV with 200 kWh of battery slung underneath, you could power your house for days!

As a solar inverter, this unit can handle as much as 20,000 watts peak DC input, which is a lot, so long as you incorporate a pair of MPPT units. You could run a massive 50-panel photovoltaic installation from this puppy, and still have a bit of room to spare.

By having multiple power source options and some extra battery capacity, this system would save you a bundle on your monthly power bill. Even if it’s cloudy all day, the batteries can charge up at night when energy costs are lower and spread that power out through the day. If your car is going to sit plugged in for a while, it can modulate that power in and out to reduce costs as well. And all of your solar energy that is produced can be stored or used immediately. All of that in one box is pretty damn neat. I just have a simple 9-panel solar array and an ordinary L2 charger, and it was still three big boxes mounted on my wall rather than just one!

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