You’re Not The Only One Who Heard ‘Bah Bow’ During Mortal Kombat

You’re Not The Only One Who Heard ‘Bah Bow’ During Mortal Kombat

The new Mortal Kombat came out last week and if you’ve seen it, you may remember a joker yell something out during your session. Yeah, they weren’t actually in your cinema.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want to be spoiled, I recommend clicking the ‘back’ button.

Welcome to the spoiler zone. (Graphic: Jim Cooke)
Welcome to the spoiler zone. (Graphic: Jim Cooke)

Mortal Kombat: setting the scene

So let’s get down to what happened.

One of the major plot points of Mortal Kombat is the markings found on the ‘chosen’ champions from the Earth Realm.

This marking is in the form of the Mortal Kombat logo. Most characters acquire one if they kill someone who already had the marking.

Only one main character doesn’t bear the mark, Sonya Blade, and it’s a sore point for her throughout the film. S

She seems to know the most about Mortal Kombat lore, besides those who reside within Raiden’s temple. But she can’t be part of the tournament without a mark.

Early on in the film the main character, Cole, asks Sonya about where her mark is. She responds truthfully, saying she doesn’t have one.

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It wasn’t someone in the audience

It’s at this point in the movie that someone in the audience of my session yelled out ‘bah booooooow” (also known as the [related_content first=”1690516″]gameshow loser noise) in response to this.

Everyone heard it, and the cinema had a good collective chuckle at the joker in our midst.

Or so we thought.

Since then I have heard multiple reports on social media and from friends who have seen the film. All of them heard this same troll response to Sonya’s admission.

And that’s because it was actually in the film itself. As it turns out it came from Kano, played by Josh Lawson. And this makes sense —  he’s the comic relief throughout the movie and was known to improvise lines on set.

In this case he seems to have delivered the line so softly (and perhaps the mixing was done in a particular way) so it sounds like it was someone in the audience.

It’s unclear if this was intentional, but kudos to whoever decided to leave this little bit of improv in the final edit.

Mortal Kobmbat is in cinemas now.