It’s the Ejectable Battery in This Suitcase That Got Me

It’s the Ejectable Battery in This Suitcase That Got Me

If I ever die, it’ll likely be because I ran out of phone battery at the wrong time. I’m useless like that. So when I was asked to review the July Carry On Pro suitcase, which comes with an in-built battery bank, I was 100% up for the task (to give it a whirl, not to die).

Let me tell you, it was the perfect travel companion on a recent trip away. While it was only a local trip that didn’t involve a plane (COVID-19 ruined that for me – again), it did give me the perfect insight into how beneficial it will be for me when I get to the airport again.

July Carry On Pro

July Carry On Pro

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The ejectable battery

Of course, this is the real selling point for me. While power banks are by no means a new invention, having one within a suitcase is genius, especially for unorganised people like me, whereby a loose one is just as problematic as trying to remember a charger.

july carry on pro suitcase

The ejectable battery with four USB and USB-C docks is so smartly designed into the July Carry On Pro that you wouldn’t even know it’s there, exposed only by pulling up the suitcase carry handle and flipping up a lid that keeps it concealed.

suitcase july carry on pro

Then you push down and it pops out so you can eject. The power bank is approved for any flight you might take in the world (when you can) and is easily charged with another USB-C that comes complimentary with the July Carry On Pro.

july carry on pro

You can also charge your laptop on the go with the USB-C to USB-C cord if you have a newer model. Have I used the battery for charging my phone at home, when I can’t for the life of me locate my normal charger? Maybe (yes).

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External design

I knew as soon as I opened the July Carry On Pro that it was durable, but I won’t lie, the white colourway did worry me. I have a large Samsonite in white that went to Coachella, Vegas, San Fran and back with me in 2019 and it’s all banged up. That being said, it was check-in size and who knows what special treatment those baggage handlers gave it.

july carry on pro

The July Carry On Pro case is made of 100% aerospace-grade German polycarbonate in a curved eggshell design, promising to minimise damage and function.

It has a multi-stop telescopic handle that stops at whatever height you so please. It also has a rubber handle so it won’t give you hand calluses or whatnot. It’s perfect for my height (if anyone ever tells me “I’m tall for a girl” again, I may scream) and subsequent lower-back issues.

One side of my suitcase is personalised, which is normally $65, but free for the months of June and July and applied automatically at checkout. If you’re ever lost your suitcase on a carousel, this is a must. You can choose a bunch of different fonts via the website.

The detachable laptop sleeve is also all-time. It has neat little compartments within its padded 16″ compartment, for docs, personals, all that fun work stuff. It also has a zipped outside pocket.

july carry on pro

To take off the sleeve, a little bit of sorcery is needed. You unzip from the top and pull the internal tab. It locks back in much easier, by just popping it back into the insert. (There are some pretty nice videos showing how this is done on the product page). This is real good for when you want your laptop and lil’ bits with you, but not the rest of your luggage. If you know, you know. It also has a TSA lock.

Internal design

I was pleased to find out this luggage’s insides were as good-looking as its outsides, which isn’t always the case with, you know… people. Like most suitcases nowadays, one half is completely zippable to keep things divided and secure.

july carry on pro review suitcase

The other side comes with a hidden laundry bag – which also doubles as a bag to separate anything else you want, like loose cords, intimates or toiletries – as well as a twin-strap compression system, meaning you can fasten down anything on this side with adjustable straps and create even more space. There’s also another removable case inside the July Carry On Pro, for anything from a laptop to notebooks or important documents, making it pretty bloody snazzy for those who travel for work a lot.

Things to keep in mind

Usually I’d have a fair bit to write here, but the suitcase seems to have thought of everything.

The only thing I’d note is that it truly is a carry-on, in the sense that you won’t fit a whole lot more than a weekend’s worth of necessities in there. Not a bad thing given airlines have gotten real strict about the 7kg limit these days, and you need to remember to account for your laptop weight.

With the personalisation, you’ll be waiting an extra two days to get that done and the 100-day free trial won’t apply.

Also, don’t just try and yank the laptop sleeve off. You need to open up and pull the tab out as shown on the product page video, as well as detailed above.

July Carry On Pro Price and Warranty

The July Carry On Pro is $375 + $65 for personalisation (which is currently free). For context, Samsonite styles range anywhere from $100-$700 for a hard-shell carry-on.

There is a 100-day free trial if you’re not stoked with it, but for obvious reasons this doesn’t apply to personalised items. However, the July Carry On Pro comes with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing fault, which is pretty intense. Makes one rest easy that it’s an investment worth making.

Happy travels, whenever that may be.