Here Are the Good Bois Who Made the Finals of the Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Here Are the Good Bois Who Made the Finals of the Comedy Pet Photo Awards

One of the few benefits of the pandemic has been getting to spend more time with our pets. That also means taking copious amounts of photos of them and the 2021 Comedy Pet Photo Awards include some of the best.

This year’s 40 Comedy Pet Photo Awards finalists were picked from over 2,000 entries. The winner will be announced in November and will take home a £2000 ($3,700) cash prize.

The competition aims to celebrate the positive role pets have in our lives as well as raise awareness about animal welfare and this year the competition is donating £10,000 to Animal Support Angels.

We could all use a bit of humour in our lives so if you’re in need of an emergency cute, please read on.

Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 highlights

From model shots to photobombs to some that are just downright unfortunate, here are some of the highlights from the 2021 Comedy Pet Photo Awards.

Caught Red-Pawed © Danielle Wood/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

This is my very mischievous Bengal cat, Bailey! On this particular day I was trying to put away the washing but he would do whatever it took to get those all-important belly rubs! – Danielle Wood

comedy pet photo awards
Long Cow © Pier Luigi Dodi/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Optical illusion or gene mutation?! – Pier Luigi Dodi

comedy pet photo awards 2021
Photobomb © Kathryn Trott/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Jeff stealing the limelight from his brother Jaffa. – Kathryn Trott

comedy pet photo awards 2021
Whizz-pop © Zoe Ross/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Playing with bubbles in the garden I think I may have swallowed one. – Zoe Ross

comedy pet photo awards 2021
Sit © Suzi Lonergan/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Our granddaughter gave the command to sit. Beau is very obedient. – Suzi Lonergan

The Eureka Moment © Sophie Bonnefoi/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Cutie and Speedy are 2 chicks hatched from eggs placed in an incubator at home in August 2020. They spent their first few weeks indoors. In the photo they are just over 2 weeks old. They were curious about everything. This is the day they discovered their own shadow. It was hilarious to see them wondering and exploring that “dark thing” that was moving with them! – Sophie Bonnefoi

Ostrich-Style © Manel Subirats Ferrer/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Little Nuka playing hide and seek one day at the beach. – Manel Subirats Ferrer

Muttford and Chum ©Luke O’Brien/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Losing the opportunity to play with my human bandmates during lockdown, Flint my rescue dog soon taught me that we didn’t just have sharp bones in common, but musical ones too. He soon became the perfect substitute for a collaborative stomp up at home, so much so that we felt we deserved our own band name (Muttford and Chum). With my camera set up remotely during this shoot, I think it’s fair to say that the image is proof that his conviction as a performer matches my own – well, we were covering “treats and tugs and dinner bowls” by Ian Puli and the Boneheads. – Luke O’Brien

Cat model © Kenichi Morinaga/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

He is a model of a cat. So I just focus my DSLR for cat. He is just make a pose like that and then shoot. – Kenichi Morinaga

Home skooling © Jacki Gordon/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Ollie, highly focused on what else he can learn from a dog behaviourist’s website (which, as you can see, features a mugshot of him).  While Ollie is committed to ongoing personal development, he’s not quite mastered how to use the mouse, but – being a very smart border collie – that’s just a matter of time… – Jacki Gordon

License to drive © Donna Deshon/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

This is Lucy! While boating on our local lake in Idaho Lucy decided to take the wheel and she did great! – Donna Deshon

A Warm Spot on a Cold Day © Corey Seeman/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Two of the morning regulars at the dog park are Gary (hound mix with the jacket) and Kona – who is one of the most chill dogs ever. Got this picture of Gary finding a warm place to sit on this cold winter’s day – February 9th, 2021. – Corey Seeman

Hugo the Photobomber © Chloe Beck/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

This is my best friend Faith and her husband Alex… And their cheeky Sproodle, Hugo. Faith wanted a photograph to mark a special occasion – her first outing after shielding at home for 14 months. Hugo jumped into the frame at just the right moment! He’s a lockdown pup, so he hasn’t quite gotten used to the excitement of being around other people yet hehe 🙂 – Chloe Beck

Sunbathers © Catherine Falls/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Barbara Ann wants to sunbathe too. – Catherine Falls

Embrace of Love © Svetlana Pisareva/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Siba’s puppy cuddles with his beloved cat – Svetlana Pisareva

Hopefully, these pictures have brightened your day. If you have a pet you think is worthy of the hall of comedy consider submitting them to the competition next year!

If you’d like to continue the laughs, here’s our rundown of the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists.

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