Horror Short Seek Is a Cautionary Tale for Any Road Tripper

Horror Short Seek Is a Cautionary Tale for Any Road Tripper

The road trip is already something of a disaster even before Seek’s Heidi (Allisyn Snyder) tells her sister Jordan (Clare Grant) that she needs a bathroom break. We don’t know the source of the tension between them — we don’t even know where they’re heading — but we can absolutely tell that these two aren’t getting along, and being trapped in a car together for an extended period of time hasn’t been any sort of bonding experience. So Jordan is more than content to sit behind the wheel and blast her music while her little sis goes to handle her business.

Trouble is, the rest stop they’ve pulled up to has seen better days; Jordan predicts it’ll be full of “junkies and weirdos.” And while she’s right that it isn’t abandoned, she doesn’t quite get the description correct about who or what is lurking around inside. Check it out!

We’ve seen the “rest-stop bathroom of terror” used in many movies before, but there’s a particularly efficient use of the setting here. Incorporating the previous victim’s cell phone adds some extra dimension to this six-minute short, but Seek doesn’t need to much help in ramping up the suspense once Heidi enters that bathroom. You just know that whatever she finds in there isn’t going to be good; it’s just a question of what kind of terrible human or creature might be lying in wait to prey on the next weary, full-bladder-having traveller.

Seek’s website notes that film features “practical effects by two-time Academy Award Nominee Arjen Tuiten (Maleficent, Pan’s Labyrinth, Ghostbusters: Afterlife) based on concept designs by WETA Workshop,” and that the VFX is by Rogelio Salinas and Todd Perry (Black Panther, Doctor Strange). It’s directed by Aaron Morgan, who also co-wrote with Eric Vespe.

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