Telstra’s 5G Home Internet Service Costs Less Than Its NBN 50 Plan

Telstra’s 5G Home Internet Service Costs Less Than Its NBN 50 Plan

Telstra has today officially launched its 5G Home & Business Internet service, which it says is simply “ridiculously fast internet”. The telco’s 5G Home Internet will allow most of you to stream a 4K movie, jump into a video call for work and download a new Xbox game at the same time.

The new offering uses Telstra’s 5G coverage. It says it’s particularly useful if your existing broadband is not delivering the performance you need.

“When we say ridiculously fast, we mean it, with the average typical download speed of 378Mbps during the busy 7 pm – 11 pm period,” it says.

There’s just one lone 5G Home & Business Internet plan. It offers 1 TB of data for $85 a month. The first month is free, however. Also, with no lock-in contracts or exit fees, Telstra says you can just return the modem if you aren’t happy. (You’ll probably be happy, providing you can find the spot in your home with the best 5G signal).

Telstra says its 5G network currently covers over 75 per cent of Australians (not 75 per cent of Australia) and it aims to have 95 per cent of Aussies covered by 2025.

Telstra has been trialling 5G home internet plans, but they were sold on an invite-only basis. Today, it’s opened it up.

Telstra 5G Home Internet Service
Image: Telstra

Telstra 5G Home Internet vs NBN plans

Telstra’s existing NBN plans are:

  • NBN 25 for $80 a month
  • NBN 50 for $95 a month
  • NBN 100 for $110 a month
  • NBN 250 for $140 a month
  • NBN 1000 for $180 a month

5G Home & Business Internet plan is $85 a month for 1 TB of data.

For comparison, on the NBN 50 plan, you will get unlimited data with typical speeds of 50Mbps during peak periods.

Typical evening speeds for the Telstra 5G Home internet can range between 50Mbps-600Mbps.

How does it stack up?

TPG in early September started offering 5G home broadband, with two plans, Premium and Max. On Premium, customers get unlimited data, pay $0 in upfront fees and receive up to a maximum of 100/20Mbps for $69.99 a month. The Max plan is similar, it just doesn’t have a cap on maximum upload and download speeds and costs $79.99 a month.

Vodafone unveiled its 5G fixed wireless home internet service in September, too, offering two 5G services: an unlimited download plan with speeds up to 100Mbps at $75 a month, as well as an unlimited download plan with speeds at the maximum 5G speed for $85 a month.

Meanwhile, Optus gives you the option to pay $75 a month for speeds capped to 100Mbps or $90 a month for uncapped speeds.