You Can Snag $100 off This Pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

You Can Snag $100 off This Pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
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Upon its initial release back in 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live received a lot of attention, mostly for its bean-shaped design. They were aptly dubbed “bean buds” by many, including us (but you’ve got to admit that it’s a much catchier name).

While the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live usually sell for a RRP of $249, you can head over to eBay Australia right now to claim a pair in Mystic Red for just $149. That’s a total savings of $100, or 40% off. If you’re curious to know how the Galaxy Buds Live measure up to other wireless earbuds on the market, then read on.

Design-wise, we’ve already addressed the elephant in the room, but one important thing to note is how the shape fits into your ears.

If you’ve found yourself drawn to the shape of Apple’s AirPods, it’s likely due to its less-intrusive design and its lack of silicon tips. Especially, if you dislike hearing that suctiony sound that comes from removing most silicon-fitted earbuds.

If you’re someone who likes to listen to music as you sleep or during guided meditation, you’ll find that its unique, ergonomic design will fit so snugly into your ear that you’ll forget you’re wearing them — which will make it all the more easier for you to doze off. We dare say they’re even more comfortable than AirPods.

These wireless earbuds also accommodate touch controls, so you can play and pause your music with a range of different taps.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
Image: Samsung

The Galaxy Buds Live are the first pair of earbuds by Samsung that feature Active Noise Cancellation. This is a welcome feature so that you can muffle outside noise, like that guy with the whippersnapper who has circled your apartment building about five times this morning.

Of course, Samsung’s first experimentation with ANC isn’t perfect if you want to completely block out background noise. Thanks to the Buds’ design, it doesn’t completely seal off your ear canal so you can still hear a few things around you. Though if you ask us, that might not be such a dealbreaker if you’re out for a run on the streets and suddenly an ambulance is about to come whizzing past.

The battery life is fairly solid, offering between six and eight hours of listening time. This is quite average among most wireless earbuds, but on the plus side, the charging case can hold enough juice for an additional 20 hours.

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for: how do they sound? The Galaxy Buds Live sound solid, with crisp highs and deep lows. They also include three microphones that will allow you to enjoy enhanced phone calls and an improved bass tone for listening to music.

You can shop the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live in Mystic Red at eBay Australia here.