You Know You’re an Adult When a Dyson Demo Store Excites You

You Know You’re an Adult When a Dyson Demo Store Excites You

You know you’re an adult when Dyson products, and a dedicated showcase store, make you excited.

If you are also excited by the idea of a Dyson store, I have great news for you – the company has now opened one on Sydney’s George Street. This thing is sick.

Australia’s first ever Dyson Demo store can really only be described as an immersive demo space – you can play with the company’s cordless vac tech and test its purifier, as well as have your hair analysed as part of (wait for it) Dyson Hair Science.

It’s easy for us to test a device and tell you it’s great, but a space like this allows you to throw dirt on the floor and suck it up. But while yes, Dyson vacuum cleaners are great, and yes, their purifier is important, especially when you’re in the middle of a pandemic, it’s the hair science thing for me.

Store highlight: the Dyson Beauty Lab

Dyson says it’s dedicated to understanding the science of hair, as “it is the very foundation underpinning its hair styling technologies”. The company has thrown $180 million at researching hair tech.

“Dyson is now taking Dyson’s hair science expertise from labs to the shop-floor with a hyper-personalised hair science experience in-store,” is the official pitch from Dyson. But what is involved?

Well, at the Dyson store you can participate in a hair health consultation that basically runs through your styling routine and hair “goals” and of course the outcome is telling you what Dyson technologies can help achieve these. There’s clearly a direct line to Dyson wanting you to leave the store with one of its products, but as someone who gives Rapunzel a run for her money in the hair department, having my hair strands analysed, and being told from a tech perspective what I can do to keep my hair healthy, is super cool.

Unfortunately, as I was struck by Ms Covid, the tour of the store was via FaceTime for me, but it’s now open (as of 10 am this morning) so if you want to head down and nerd out, you absolutely can.

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