The Knotverse: Metal Kings Slipknot Are the Latest Web3 Victim

The Knotverse: Metal Kings Slipknot Are the Latest Web3 Victim

It’s happened.

My worlds have collided. And not in a way I would have ever imagined.

Overnight news emerged that everyone’s favourite nu-metal superstars were heading to the metaverse. It was teased. I should have seen it coming.


I wanted to headline this article with ‘Knotverse: the whole thing I think is sic(k)’ or ‘NFTs = Shit’ or ‘Metalverse, c’Mon Corey, it was right there’, but alas, this isn’t a music news website.

So, the Slipknot metaverse, where to start.

It’s called the Knotverse. And it’s touted as a “fully immersive space to host Web3 experiences” curated by Knotfest (a music festival created in 2012 by the band) and Slipknot, of course.

“The Knotverse roadmap will hold one of a kind NFTs and generative collections, plus metaverse concerts and gaming experiences, rare collaborations, wearables and much more,” the website teases.

“Knotverse will ultimately offer fans of heavy culture unique utility through access to music, IRL meetups, events and festival experiences, one-of-a-kind merchandise and artist memorabilia.”

If you look back on the articles containing the words ‘metaverse’ and ‘NFTs’ that I have penned since I joined Gizmodo Australia last year, you’d notice I’m very sceptical of the idea and its associated tech as a whole. It’s probably not surprising, given it would probably be immoral to tell you to invest in something. But here I am now not wanting to miss out on owning something Slipknot-related or seeing them do their thing in a digital space.


To make the Knotverse happen, Slipknot teamed up with Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. The band will start selling NFTs from April 22 (likely April 23 in Australia), starting with My Legacy from ‘The Clown Collection’. It can be bid on via OpenSea if you’re interested. ‘The Knotfest Collection’ celebrating a decade of Slipknot’s live festival is also “coming soon”.

I’ll let you know if I succumb to the allure of the Knotverse. I probably will. I like few things more than Slipknot. I’m sorry.

Not even maggots are safe from the meta(l)verse.

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