El Salvador’s Bitcoin City is Just Wild

El Salvador’s Bitcoin City is Just Wild

Uh, El Salvador, what’s going on with your bitcoin city?

In the many weird things that happen in the crypto world, from Bored Apes to slurp juices, and the Australian Open metaverse to The Knotverse, it’s tough to come up on top as the “weirdest” thing (though many may try, as we observe seemingly every day at this point).

This week’s weird bitcoin thing: El Salvador’s bitcoin city.


The city, which lacks a name, isn’t news, as we first heard of it back in November. What’s new about it is this concept model that has been built, with the city erected on the side of a volcano. It kind-of has Dr. Evil supervillain vibes, not aided by the guy with his hand outstretched like the baddy in a young adult movie.

If you didn’t know, bitcoin is legal tender in El Salvador and has been since September 2021. The El Presidente, Nayib Bukele, is known to love the crypto space, and often posts about it on his Twitter..

Just recently, around the same time of the above photos, in fact, El Presidente Bukele announced that El Salvador had “bought the dip”, buying 500 bitcoin at an average of $30,744.

This obviously ties into bitcoin’s recent slump.

Anyways, back to the bitcoin city, El Presidente Bukele was kind enough to share a few more shots. The model city features landmarks, an airport, and although it wont be gilded gold like the model indicates, the real bitcoin city is planned to be covered in trees. Maybe this is to make up for the environmental impact of mining cryptocurrencies.

el salvador bitcoin city
Image: Nayib Bukele, Twitter

Of course, the El Presidente’s thread went gangbusters on Twitter, garnering thousands of likes, retweets and replies.

In classic grift fashion, the replies are filled with people plugging their own crypto and NFT projects. There were also a fair amount of critics replying to the thread too, such as this bloke criticising the focus on bitcoin.


What’s this, a bitcoin city for ants?

Anyway, as you were.

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