What Is Aussie Streaming Service Ozflix?

What Is Aussie Streaming Service Ozflix?

Before watching anything on TV, many of us do one of two things: endlessly scroll a specific service hoping something stands out or head over to JustWatch to find which platform has that one thing we’re keen to stream. Increasingly, while doing the latter, Ozflix has been popping up.

But what exactly is Ozflix?

What is Ozflix?

Ozflix TV is a movie, television and short-form content streaming platform. It first launched in January 2017 but the platform is constantly adding titles to its catalogue. As the platform’s website states: “We’re new, we’re on-demand and we’re all Australian”.

“We are committed to making Aussie film and television easily accessible to both our local and international audiences through the highest quality streaming technologies available and unlike other services, they will stay on Ozflix and never be deleted,” the platform adds.

In other words, it’s a streaming service, like Netflix, but it has just Australian-made content.

How much does Ozflix cost?

Unlike Netflix, Stan and Binge, you don’t pay for an Ozflix subscription, rather you pay to rent certain titles.

There are a handful of ‘free’ titles to watch, spanning quick Q&A interviews with Australian artists and actors to 2-minute film reviews created by Ozflix. But the majority of content is hidden behind a fee. Some will cost $3.79 to rent, but a few movies across the catalogue are listed as $6.79. Similar to Amazon Prime Video, once rented, your film will be available in your account for 14 days. Once you press play, the watch window begins and you only have 72 hours to watch it.

How do you use Ozflix?

To use Ozflix, you need to sign up for an account. Once in, you can choose from a number of categories, such as ‘Funny Stuff’, ‘Scary Stuff’, ‘Kids Stuff’ and ‘Australian Classics’. You can watch the free ‘bytes’ immediately, but to watch a title with a fee, once you select ‘rent for $X’, you’ll be prompted to enter your card details to purchase the title.  You can access Ozflix via web browser or through an app available on both iOS and Android.

That’s all there is to it, happy Aussie content streaming, everyone!

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