Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Welcome to the first day of Spring. Let’s jump straight into your morning tech news briefing.


1. Hackers snuck malware into a Webb Space Telescope image

The Webb Space Telescope is offering views of our universe like never before, but hackers are attempting to use images for more sinister purposes. Security firm Securonix uncovered a hack involving a phishing email, a phony Microsoft Office attachment and SMACS 0723, the first full-colour image from the Webb Space Telescope. The attack campaign titled GO#WEBBFUSCATOR is a super complex, multi-stage malware attack meant to infiltrate your computer. Yikes.

2. TikTok exploit could allow user account hijacking

Staying in the hacking space and security researchers have uncovered a massive hole in TikTok’s security that affected every single user who had downloaded the app on Android devices worldwide. The serious vulnerability could have allowed bad actors to potentially gain access to all aspects of a user’s account. But if there is any lingering hint that any users were impacted by this “high severity” security exploit, then TikTok isn’t telling. A fix for the issue was included in an update but no one can say how long the exploit had been around.

3. makes $10.5 million whoopsie, one of the most high-profile crypto platforms in the world, made an extremely expensive whoopsie last year after a woman living in Melbourne asked the company for a refund. Instead of a mere $100, she got 100,000 times that. It took the company a full seven months to realise it had made a mistake, only discovering the misappropriated $10.5 million in December. It launched legal action in the Victorian Supreme Court and the woman had a freeze on her bank account in February. The case is ongoing.

4. Turning Sydney power poles into EV chargers

A new project is kicking off around Sydney that will see street power poles repurposed into EV charging stations. Despite street parking being all but useless in the areas ARENA is undertaking the trial, the $871,000 initiative is hoping to fill the void of people that can’t charge an EV at home and therefore don’t go out and drop cash on one. It’s a niche group of people, but it does bring NSW one step closer to phasing out petrol-guzzling cars.

5. A big gift for Aussie medical science

The ABC is reporting that Canadian philanthropist Geoff Cumming has gifted Melbourne the largest donation for medical science in Australian history. The businessman handed over a $250 million gift for a medical research centre that will help prep the country for future pandemics. Cumming said the reason for his donation was simple: to make the world a safer place.

BONUS ITEM: This is what happens when a famous literary character becomes public domain. Watch the trailer for Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey at your own peril.

See you tomorrow.

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