Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Hello, hope you’re well. Here are five bits of tech news (Elon Musk-free) to kick off your Tuesday with.


1. A total lunar eclipse of the heart

A total lunar eclipse will be visible in Australia after sunset today, if you miss it, you’ll have to wait until 2025. It’ll last about 85 minutes – check out our guide for what time is best to view it from where you live.

2. Sportsbet ads on TikTok, ick

Although TikTok’s advertising policy says “ads promoting fantasy sports, bingo or other gambling-related content” and “ads coming from a gambling brand or featuring gambling branding” or “ads sponsored by gambling brands” aren’t allowed, the app has allowed advertising for “one client who has obtained permission via an application process”. It’s running a pilot with Sportsbet and as our friends at PEDESTRIAN.TV wrote, it’s “ick”, considering you probably shouldn’t advertise gambling on an app full of teens and young people.

3. YouTube shorts comes for TikTok

This week, YouTube will begin rolling out the availability of Shorts on TV globally. Shorts is YouTube’s endless-scrolling short-form TikTok competitor, and in a press release, YouTube said it’s copping 1.5 billion users a month, who are watching 30 billion videos a month. While I personally couldn’t think of anything worse, the platform’s chief product officer Neal Mohan said, “Bringing Shorts to our community has transformed the way people create and watch video on YouTube”. And as The Verge points out, creators are monetising, and viewers are watching.

4. Airbnb to include total cost in total cost listing

Great news for anyone that’s ever been duped by surprise app fees and taxes – Airbnb is adding a new ‘total price’ feature to its bookings. Detailed in a tweet from Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, the feature will roll out next month, along with three other changes. One is displaying total price (not the nightly price) in its results, another is giving hosts ‘discount tools’ and lastly, cleaning fees will be rolled into the price of the entire stay.

5. Amazon will pay you to watch TV

Amazon Prime Video wants to pay someone to sit on the lounge and watch TV – they’re even calling it a job. The role? To be a Prime Video Buff. How creative. For three months of work over the Summer, Amazon Prime Video wants to pay someone in Australia $40,000 to watch, and then recommend, some of the content available on its platform.

BONUS ITEM: Next time look under your bed, or your popcorn tin, for that missing crypto.

Have a wonderful day.

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