Dinosaurs, Sci-Fi and Adam Driver? 65 Was Made for Me

Dinosaurs, Sci-Fi and Adam Driver? 65 Was Made for Me

With the Jurassic World series now stuck in amber, it looks like another big dinosaur action movie is stepping up – 65 is the name and dinosaurs are the game.

Actually, 65 seems to pull from several different movies for inspiration. Equal parts Planet of the Apes and Predator65 might just be the perfect sci-fi mixup.

Let’s dive into the flick and get you up to speed.

65 movie


The film appears to be initially set in the future, far enough into the future to allow for space travel, sci-fi guns with LED displays, and stasis chambers for long space trips.

Adam Driver, playing Mills, is the pilot of the ship, the only person awake on it (as in, not in stasis) as it is hit by an asteroid and crash lands onto a mysterious planet. He’s joined by a passenger that wakes up shortly after, in what looks to be a lone wolf and cub plot.

The trailers have taken the liberty of revealing that the mysterious planet is actually Earth… 65 million years ago. This made my eyeroll, to be honest, but I’ll get over it.

With it being set that far back, Adam Driver comes into contact with dinosaurs after he crashes, as the trailers have shown. We’ve previously described it as space Adam Driver fighting dinosaurs.

It’s making me think of Planet of the Apes a bit, except revealing the big twist at the start (or, in the pre-release trailers) instead of at the very end.

Here’s to hoping it’s better than some of the recent Jurassic Park movies.


Adam Driver, who you might remember from the sequel Star Wars movies (as in, the ones Disney made) is playing the lead role of Mills.

The cast is actually quite small, with the official IMDB page only listening one other named cast member – Alya, played by Nika King, although Chloe Coleman also plays a leading role in the film. Ariana Greenblatt is also set to appear.

65 movie trailers

No, there aren’t 65 movie trailers below, rather there are movie trailers for the film 65. This name is quite confusing but we’re going to work with it.

Here’s the international trailer with some different scenes to the one above.

Aaand here’s the ad that was shown at the Superbowl. They’re really banking on that ’65 Million Years Ago’ tagline.

The film seems to follow an action-adventure-horror-type beat, similar to A Quiet Place with the same writers, except with a greater emphasis on action and, obviously, sci-fi elements.

65 movie Australian release date

65 is releasing in Australia on March 9, 2023 in Australia.

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