Here Are the Cheapest iPhone 14 Plans in Australia if You’re Feeling Yellow

Here Are the Cheapest iPhone 14 Plans in Australia if You’re Feeling Yellow
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Last week, Apple announced a brand new colour variant for the iPhone 14. Inspired by Coldplay’s hit song (citation needed), Apple’s latest flagship smartphone is now all yellow.

While Gizmodo Australia’s initial review of the handset was a bit harsh, like butter on a slice of hot toast, we’ve warmed up to the iPhone 14 when revisiting it six months into its life cycle.

The new yellow colourway is only available for the standard iPhone and the iPhone Plus. So if you’re a ride-or-die Pro or Pro Max user but also need everything you own to be yellow, you’ll have to buy yourself a case.

If you’re someone who always needs the latest piece of tech, or you’re looking for an upgrade because your iPhone 11 just isn’t what it used to be, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected all of the cheapest plan deals available for each iPhone 14 model.

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The cheapest iPhone 14 plans in Australia

iphone 14 cheapest mobile plans yellow
Image: Apple/Gizmodo Australia

Across the board, it looks like Vodafone is offering the cheapest price for each handset model, with the base iPhone 14 (128GB) starting at $79.69/month over 36 months, with a monthly data allowance of 40GB. If you pick up the standard handset or the iPhone Plus and stick with Vodafone for the full 24 or 36-month lifespan of this plan, you’ll save $150 off the cost of the device.

While Telstra has the most expensive plans of the Big Three telcos, it’s also offering a similar iPhone 14 deal to Vodafone. You can save $150 off the cost of either the standard iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus device if you stay connected for the full 24 or 36 months of the plan. Telstra will also toss in four months of Spotify Premium, two months of Binge and three months of Apple TV+ for free.

24-month iPhone 14 (128GB) plans

36-month iPhone 14 (128GB) plans

24-month iPhone 14 Plus (128GB) plans

36-month iPhone 14 Plus (128GB) plans

24-month iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) plans

36-month iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) plans

24-month iPhone 14 Pro Max (128GB) plans

36-month iPhone 14 Pro Max (128GB) plans

iPhone 14 prices

Image: Apple/Gizmodo Australia

If you’re someone who prefers to buy their new phones outright, or you want to compare the full retail price to the minimum cost of the above plans, here’s the starting price for each iPhone 14 model:

  • iPhone 14 (128GB): $1,399
  • iPhone 14 Plus (128GB): $1,579
  • iPhone 14 Pro (128GB): $1,749
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max (128GB): $1,899

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