The Freaks & Geeks Boys Reunite to Play Dungeons & Dragons

The Freaks & Geeks Boys Reunite to Play Dungeons & Dragons

Despite its apparent self-esteem problems, everyone seems to dig Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves. But even if it were terrible, I would love it for two reasons: 1) putting an owlbear on the silver screen and 2) this absolutely wonderful mini-reunion of the titular geeks from Freaks & Geeks.

If you’re too young to remember the 1999 TV series, it’s one of those perfect shows that people still haven’t gotten over the cancelation of, despite it being off the air for more than two decades. It was a high school comedy-drama set in 1980 that followed a group of misfit teens and a lovably, painfully nerdy trio of Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts played by Honor Among Thieves writer/director John Francis Daley, Party Down’s Martin Starr, and Wet Hot American Summer’s Samm Levine — who apparently have really been playing D&D this entire time:

Honestly, it’s not the most hilarious movie promo of all time, but the joy I felt at seeing the three actors reunited was visceral. Thank you, Honour Among Thieves. If you wouldn’t mind including an hour-long session of them playing D&D with the home release of the movie I would be most appreciative.

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