This Bike Doesn’t Have Any Wheels and Somehow Works

This Bike Doesn’t Have Any Wheels and Somehow Works

The Q on YouTube (not affiliated with the conspiracy group) has become one of my favourite goofy tech channels – because they specifically focus on bastardising bicycles and doing freaky stuff with them. Their latest venture: the wheelless bike.

Sergii Gordieiev, the creator of The Q, put together an assembly video for the bike, which you should absolutely watch below.

The wheelless bike follows a long list of strange bike creations. Previously, as we have (happily) written about, The Q has created a square-wheeled bike and a triangle-wheeled bike.

The DNA of the square-wheel bike is obvious in the wheelless bike. Similarly, it uses a tank-track design to move, with pedal-connected chains moving rubber tracks across the rounded edges of long shafts, which have replaced the wheels. The shafts don’t point directly at the ground and are at a slant, probably to make it a more balanced ride.

This Frankensteined bike uses the same frame as a standard bicycle. Pedals push chains, the handle-bars and seat are in the same place, and the only major difference (apart from the obvious one) is that there’s greater clearance at the back for the wheelless shaft to stick up, instead of a cover for a (typically) round wheel. The bike also sits lower to the ground than normal.

As you can expect, the bike makes an absolutely horrendous scraping metal racket when pedalling on concrete. Additionally, it’s really not that fast.

“Finally, someone’s made a mode of transportation that’s as fast as walking with 10 times the effort,” the top comment reads.

It’s not a practical invention, but it sure is a cool one. As is written in the description: “Why did we do it? Just for fun.”

That’s innovation, baby.

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