Behold, a Bicycle Propelled by Slippers

Behold, a Bicycle Propelled by Slippers

You know what I love? When somebody does something extremely goofy to an otherwise monotonous object. Microscope built into an OPPO Find X3 Pro? Love it. Three screens on a gaming laptop? Can’t get enough of it. A bike with slippers for wheels? You’re speaking my language.

YouTube channel ‘The Q’ is infamous for its handling (or, mishandling) of bicycles. We’ve covered them before – here’s a square-wheeled bike, a triangle-wheeled bike, and a bike without any wheels, all built by The Q’s Sergii Gordieiev.

At this point, Gordieiev is just screwing with us. Instead of committing to, simply, differently shaped wheels, he has elected to make wheels from slippers. The result is this incredible video, and an even more incredible mode of transportation.

The slippers are covered in the face of Jake the Dog, a main character from Adventure Time, if you were wondering. He can shapeshift, so this invention kind of feels natural.

In the video, Gordieiev creates metal cutouts of the slippers, which are then inserted into said slippers, forming a sort of replacement for tyre rubber. Actually, Gordieiev basically welds whole new wheels based on the slippers.

The result is an affront to engineers everywhere, but a pretty cool one. It works, but it’s very slow (like the rest of Gordieiev’s bike experiments), and it makes a floppy rubber noise as it’s plodding along.

I feel like I have more questions than answers after watching this video. Where did you get all of these slippers, Gordieiev? Is this an Adventure Time head-canon? And why do you insist on doing such goofy things to bikes?

But these questions don’t matter. It’s a fun video. I’m not sure I’d call it ‘Epic Cycling’ as the video title entails, but it’s cool nonetheless.

And there you have it. A bike with slippers. As you were.

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