Deadpool 3 Set Pictures Tease an Upgraded Costume

Deadpool 3 Set Pictures Tease an Upgraded Costume

Mark Ronson teases some wild additions to Barbie’s soundtrack. The long-delayed Uzumaki adaptation is still happening. Strange Planet’s animated adaptation sets an August release date. Plus, what’s coming on My Adventures With Superman and Riverdale. Spoilers, away!

Deadpool 3 Set Pictures Tease an Upgraded Costume

The Purge 6

During a recent interview with The Playlist, James DeMonaco stated Universal is “scared” to produce his extra-expensive script for a sixth Purge movie.

I wrote the script. Universal has seen it. There are concerns about budget, but it definitely presents a fractured America…the America I present in Purge 6 is where we all are separated by ideology and sexual preference. So, the states are broken down in different ways. It’s written, it’s in [Universal’s] hands. I think they’re scared about the budget. But my thing was if I was going to come back and direct a sixth one, it was going to be something bigger and a little more epic in scope, with this new America I want to present and bringing back [Frank Grillo’s] character. So, it’s kinda in limbo.


In a separate interview with Time, music producer Mark Ronson teased the Barbie soundtrack includes an undisclosed mystery song from “one of the fucking greatest living artists around.”

[They’re] one of the fucking greatest living artists around but also had a very personal, idiosyncratic tie to Barbie as well.

Beetlejuice 2

People has set photos featuring Winona Ryder and Jenna Ortega filming a wedding scene for the sequel.

Deadpool 3

Elsewhere, a pair of set photos reveal our first look at Ryan Reynolds’ upgraded costume in Deadpool 3.


Entertainment Weekly also has three new photos from Ash, the upcoming sci-fi thriller starring Eiza Gonzalez and Aaron Paul following “a woman who wakes up to find the rest of her space-station crew dead from unclear circumstances.”

Photo: XYZ Films
Photo: XYZ Films
Photo: XYZ Films
Photo: XYZ Films
Photo: XYZ Films
Photo: XYZ Films

The Nun 2

Warner Bros. has additionally released a new poster for The Nun 2 confirming it’s still on target for a theatrical release this September.

Summoning the Spirit

A couple discovers their forest retreat is home to a Bigfoot-worshipping cult in the trailer for Summoning the Spirit, coming to VOD this August 8.

Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie

We also have a new trailer for Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie.

Strange Planet

According to Coming Soon, the Strange Planet animated series starring Danny Pudi and Hannah Einbinder will be available to stream this August 9 on Apple TV+.


Bloody-Disgusting also reports Production I.G. USA President Maki Terashima-Furuta recently confirmed the long-delayed Uzumaki animated series at Adult Swim is still in the works, adding that “any news it’s cancelled should only be believed if it comes directly from her mouth.”

Sonic Prime

The first episode of Sonic Prime’s second season is currently available to stream on Youtube ahead of its July 13 release on Netflix.

My Adventures With Superman

To Clark’s chagrin, Lois hopes to interview his alter ego in the trailer for next week’s episode of My Adventures with Superman.


Finally, Ethel competes against Betty, Veronica, Cheryl and Toni for the title of “Miss Teen Riverdale” in the trailer for next week’s episode.