Even More Updates From Tron 3, Rebel Moon, and More

Even More Updates From Tron 3, Rebel Moon, and More

Gal Gadot talks playing Disney’s latest evil Queen for Snow White. Walking Dead’s Rick and Michonne spinoff gets an incredibly unsurprising title. Plus, what’s coming on the really real (for real this time) last episodes of Attack on Titan. Spoilers, away!

Even More Updates From Tron 3, Rebel Moon, and More

Tron 3

Variety reports Jodie Turner-Smith and Greta Lee are the latest to join the cast of Tron 3. Though details on Turner-Smith’s character are currently under wraps, Lee is said to play “a video game programmer and tech company CEO who aims to protect” Ares, “her world-changing technology” played by Jared Leto from the humans who seek to destroy it.

The Chronicles of Narnia

According to her recent profile in the New Yorker (via Comic Book), Barbie director Greta Gerwig is committed to direct “at least two” Chronicles of Narnia movies at Netflix.

John Wick 5

During a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Chad Stahleski admitted he doesn’t currently have a story idea for a fifth John Wick movie.

I honestly don’t know. Lionsgate is keen on doing more John Wick stuff, understandably. It’s not a bad thing for a director to have a property that they want to make more of. I don’t have a take right now. But I could wake up tomorrow and have a cool idea that I’d pitch to Keanu, or he would pitch to me, and it might hit that chord of, ‘Oh my God, we got to do this right now.’”

Now we’ve done the four, and completed the circle, so to speak, I think it’s pretty good closure for the series. And then there’s the competitor, or the real director in me who goes, ‘F*ck it, let’s just see if we can do it.’ It’s very appealing. I just don’t have the ‘why’ yet. But that doesn’t mean we should stop looking.

Snow White

Gal Gadot also spoke to Vogue Hong Kong about her performance as the Evil Queen in Disney’s live-action Snow White.

I think it was so much fun to play the Evil Queen. There was something so delicious with this part because it’s a fairy tale. It’s the first Disney villain. Because it’s a musical, I could stretch my performance and make it so much more dramatic and so much more animated, that it was just simply delightful. I enjoyed it, and I changed my voice and I did all these different things. And it was just super fun, and I can’t wait to watch it.

Alien: Romulus

Filming has officially wrapped on Alien: Romulus according to Fede Alvarez on Instagram.

Time for a celebratory cigar, it’s a wrap!

Rebel Moon

Empire Magazine additionally has two new images from Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon.

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

The Sandman

According to Comic Book, Netflix is now casting actors to play Thor, Loki, Odin, King Auberon and Queen Titania for the second season of The Sandman.

The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne

An official logo confirms the upcoming Walking Dead spinoff starring Rick and Michonne is simply titled The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne.

Black Butler

A new season of Black Butler is also scheduled for release sometime next year.

Attack on Titan

Finally, Crunchyroll has released another new trailer for the final few episodes of Attack on Titan airing this fall.