Walking Dead’s Rick and Michonne Show Sure Looks Like More Walking Dead

Walking Dead’s Rick and Michonne Show Sure Looks Like More Walking Dead

In one month, two of The Walking Dead’s most popular characters return. Rick and Michonne, played by Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, are back on The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, and now its final trailer has been released.

Much like the last few trailers, there’s still no hint in this newest tease that the zombie-killing lovers reunite in this series. We’re guessing they do. It would be a waste if they didn’t. Instead, though, we see each on their own individual path. Rick integrates with a powerful army led by Lost’s Terry O’Quinn, and Michonne is with a whole new family. Each is looking for the other but both seem a long way away.


The Ones Who Live | Final Trailer | Premieres February 25th on AMC and AMC+

Maybe I’m a little more down on The Walking Dead than most—but that trailer was just a whole mish-mash of nothing, right? Some new characters, some old characters, lots of walking and running, a little zombie killing, but I really don’t get what the cohesive throughline is. Why does this show exist other than people loved Rick and Michonne and want to see them back on screen again? What’s the story here beyond that? I honestly can’t tell you.

That said, the scope of the show feels right in line with the biggest and best The Walking Dead ever was, and you have to imagine the team behind this knows the importance of this show to fans. Maybe the trailers being so coy and vague is simply to protect some great surprises and emotional moments. Or, maybe, it’s all just run its course.

We’ll begin to find out February 25 when The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live begins on AMC and AMC+. Are you excited?

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