Jigsaw is Out for Blood in Saw X’s First Trailer

Jigsaw is Out for Blood in Saw X’s First Trailer

We’ve known for some time now that Saw X was on the horizon, and would return to the series’ roots of people having to escape these elaborate traps or die gruesomely. The question that’s been on folks’ minds, especially when it was revealed that Tobin Bell would return as John “Jigsaw” Kramer was, how? Since the post-Saw 3 films have played around with the timeline so much, what’s the context for the long-dead character’s return?

Set between the events of the first two Saw movies, but definitely playing in the same space as Saw VI in 2009, Saw X sees Kramer go to Mexico for a risky procedure to remove his cancer. After it’s done, he realizes that not only was he not cured, the entire thing was part of a long-running grift to defraud people in similarly desperate situations. Being who he is, Kramer decides to kidnap the doctor (Synnøve Macody Lund) in charge of the whole operation and her staff who helped sell the scam (played by Steven Brand, Renata Vaca, and Paulette Hernandez) to teach them a lesson only he can. And it uh, doesn’t look good for them! If you’re not into the Saw franchise’s grisly approach to horror, this trailer (and the movie overall) may not be for you.

For the Saw sickos in the house who’ve been missing the series, it looks like a fairly straightforward return to form in any way you can imagine. The pig mask and Billy the Puppet are back, FBI agents are trying to track Kramer down and find the victims in time, all that stuff. It’s been a good long while since there was a mainline entry for the series—2021’s Spiral, for those who didn’t see it, is still being counted as a spinoff. And in two months time, we’ll see if the series still has new tricks up its sleeve.

Saw X is currently slated to release in theaters on September 29.

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