Spanish Activists Spray Painted Yacht Allegedly Owned By Walmart Billionaire

Spanish Activists Spray Painted Yacht Allegedly Owned By Walmart Billionaire

You’d think billionaires would be more careful with their yachts now that orcas have started a war against the wealthy. It’s not exactly something we had on our bingo card for 2023, but nevertheless, the orcas have shown up, and they’re definitely delivering. But it’s not just the orcas that are fighting back against wealth inequality and climate change. Spanish protesters have also joined the cause.

CNN reports that Futuro Vegetal, a Spanish environmental protest group, vandalised a superyacht on Sunday. In addition to covering the boat in red and black paint, they also held up a sign that read, “YOU CONSUME — OTHERS SUFFER” in photos they shared on Twitter. They also reportedly shared a video where they said, “The richest 1 per cent of the world population pollutes more than the poorest 50 per cent. They are condemning us to a future of pain, misery and desolation. They are destroying our planet, compromising the habitability of the land and everything, to lead a standard of living that goes beyond the limits of reason.”

Apparently, the yacht they vandalised is owned by billionaire Nancy Walton Laurie who got rich the old-fashioned way — by simply inheriting all of her money because her uncle was Sam Walton. You may also remember Nancy from that time back in 2005 when her daughter ended up returning her degree from the University of Southern California after it was revealed that she paid her roommate to do her schoolwork for her. Not that going to college actually matters when you stand to inherit billions simply because you’re somewhat related to the Walmart guy.

But, you know, as far as billionaires go, Laurie could be worse. It’s not like she’s destabilised society by starting Facebook or given Nazis and Christofascists a platform by buying Twitter. Hopefully, her billions of dollars will give her comfort in this trying time.

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