The Lamborgini Lanzador Concept Is a First Look at the First All-Electric Lamborghini

The Lamborgini Lanzador Concept Is a First Look at the First All-Electric Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Lanzador concept has two doors plus a rear hatch, but seats four people if needed, or two plus what looks like quite a bit of rear cargo space. Lamborghini is calling it an Ultra GT, which is grand touring car but ultra, made for the Lamborghini crowd, which is supercar enthusiasts but way too extra. The Lanzador is all-electric, with two motors, all-wheel drive, and an output over one megawatt, or over 1,300 horsepower, depending on how you think of it. Lamborghini says the Lanzador is “a concrete vision of a future purely-electric … Lamborghini.”

The production model of the Lanzador will start production in 2028, Lamborghini says. The Lanzador sits high off the ground for a Lamborghini and has some pretty wheels, too. It is obviously optimized for aerodynamics as well, as all EVs must be or aspire to be, to improve range — even Lamborghini wants that — or, in the Lanzador’s case, adjusted by command of the driver for more downforce.

Image: Lamborghini

Seriously, Lamborghini has spent a lot of time on the aero:

The active aerodynamics system utilizes the front air shutter and a movable splitter, which when deployed opens brake cooling ducts and cooling vanes to achieve the best performance. The S-Duct at the front, together with the concealed louvers for wheelhouse ventilation and the air curtain, improves downforce depending on the mode set: Efficient or Downforce. With the air outlets, Lamborghini prevents the dynamic pressure in the wheel arches from lifting the front of the car at high speeds. The visually concealed louvers therefore provide downforce without creating additional drag. On the 23-inch wheels, the designers combine hexagonal elements with aeroblades to minimize turbulence at the wheels.

At the rear, depending on the drive mode, narrow airblades extend out of the sides and from the diffuser to improve aerodynamic downforce in conjunction with the flow-through rear blown spoiler. In Efficient mode, the laminar flow is against the body over the full length of the outer skin until it breaks off in a defined way at the rear, and the ALA system is fully functional to increase pressure recuperation to the back, significantly reducing drag and increasing efficiency.

Image: Lamborghini

Lamborghini also says the design of the car is “inspired by spaceships.”

The interior layout strictly follows the ‘feel like a pilot’ design philosophy of Lamborghini, combined with the spaceship idea: it takes the idea of a 2+2 GT but moves that a step forward, creating a 2+2 lifestyle concept where the rear space of the cabin can also be used for carrying all sorts of sports equipment or luggage.

A trunk is concealed under the short and steeply sloping front bonnet, while the large glass tailgate opens wide. Adjustable rear seats and a variable luggage compartment in the rear make the concept car adaptable to almost any everyday situation.

Image: Lamborghini

But then Lamborghini also says that the driver and passenger seating positions are more like jet, which is not a spaceship.

The pilot and co-pilot sit low within the cabin as if in a jet, separated by a centerconsole that visually flows into the dashboard. Positioned within the center console and ergonomically positioned perfectly within the driver’s reach, is a pilot’s unit for control of the entertainment system, climate control and new digital functions. Passengers receive information via the automatically retractable displays. Using the Lamborghini ANIMA control, the driver switches between the different driving modes, including Efficiency and Performance for the best possible driving dynamics.

Lamborghini didn’t offer any kinds of power specs on the Lanzador, like zero-to-60 times or range, likely because production is still years away, but it says it fully intends on making a production model of it, at Sant’Agata Bolognese, where it says it is “planning to expand the site and hire additional employees.” Onward and upward with Lambo EVs.

Image: Lamborghini

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