The Exclusive Rolls Royce Owners App Is WhatsApp for the Super Rich

The Exclusive Rolls Royce Owners App Is WhatsApp for the Super Rich

There are a lot of perks that come with buying a Rolls Royce, you get that feeling of superiority over other road users, a fancy illuminated headliner that reflects the night sky and a neat umbrella hidden in the door. Apparently, there’s another perk, though, and it’s an exclusive app on which you can make friends and close business deals. Cute.

The app, which is called Whispers, has been around since 2019 and is available to anyone that owns a Rolls Royce from 2003 or later. But, if you own a much newer model from 2018 or later, AutoCar reports that users get all manner of network-building features.

According to a new report from the site, Rolls Royce Whispers has grown far beyond its offering at launch, which included things like concierge support, previews of exclusive luxury goods, shopping, and events listings. Now, it’s basically WhatsApp for the super rich. AutoCar reports:

Alexander Steinbrueck, Whispers operations manager at Rolls-Royce, said: “We are a facilitator. [Clients] talk to each other. Whispers is not a corporate communications channel.

“[Clients] meet on Whispers. They go on vacation together. It just shows how homogeneous this group of people is. In the business aspect, I know of a customer in the financial industry who I had a phone call with. For him, it’s a great source of making business connections with other like-minded people. He says it couldn’t be a better filter or selection of people, and he uses it very often.”

Whispers reportedly now has 20,000 users, which is in stark contrast to the 2.98 billion Facebook profiles, 450 million Twitter X users, and the 135 million people that visit Tumblr every month.

Despite its relatively small number of users, Rolls Royce believes the app has been successful because “ultra-high-net-worth clients know and understand one another’s mindsets and the issues and challenges they face.” Things like what to do when their umbrella gets stuck in the door, or whether or not they drive around with the Spirit of Ecstasy on display, I imagine.

It’s cute, but does get a little cringe when Rolls Royce starts referring to its company and clients as “family,” as users of the app are making “newfound friends” and forging “new relationships.” But I guess I’m just bitter because I know it’s the only social media platform I’ll never get to try. Well, this and Truth Social.

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