Here Are the Top AI Stories You Missed Last Week

Here Are the Top AI Stories You Missed Last Week

If you’re behind on what’s happening with the robot uprising, have no fear. Here’s a quick look at some of the weirdest and wildest artificial intelligence news from the past week.

You Can Now Watch AI Play Super Mario on TikTok

Image: RoseStudio (Shutterstock)

Everybody likes to play a little Super Mario, including, apparently, an AI program named “Rupert.” If you are seriously hard up for some entertainment, you can sit around and watch TikTok videos of Rupert trying to beat his high score.

Samsung Launches a Recipe App For Some Reason

Image: Monkey Business Images (Shutterstock)

Samsung has launched an AI-fueled recipe app simply dubbed “Food.” Aside from its deeply uncreative name, this app is most notable for an upcoming integration of Vision AI technology; Samsung claims users will be able to retrieve nutrition information about their meals merely by sharing pictures of them with the app. 

DeepMind’s SynthID: A Good Thing, Maybe?

Image: DeepMind

Generative AI is primed to spur a new glut of disinformation throughout the web but Google claims that it’s trying to fight this trend…even while it also fuels it. DeepMind’s SynthID is an optional new tool that can be used to watermark AI-generated images. Watermarking has been put forward as one potential solution to the great upcoming Death of Reality phenomenon we’d all really like to avoid. It remains to be seen if said system will actually work.

Google is Teaching Robodogs to Respond to Human Commands. Great.

A Boston Dynamics robodog walks around.

Google has decided to teach its brand of DeepMind robodogs how to respond to human verbal commands. You know, like real dogs. Only this kind of canine will live forever (or at least until they stop updating its operating system) and doesn’t actually love you back. Just wait till the military is commanding these little critters to kick in your front door! Boy won’t that be fun.

An AI-Powered Drone Just Beat Its Human Competitors in a Race

Screenshot: UZH Robotics and Perception Group

Three world champion drone pilots were recently beaten in a race by an autonomous drone named “Swift.” Mack DeGeurin has the details.

You Can Now Beg Meta Not to Use Your Data to Train Its AI

Photo: Frederic Legrand – COMEO / (Shutterstock)

Don’t want Meta to use your private data to train its AI modules? You can now beg it not too. Fun!

The Great Trump AI Mystery

Photo: Evan El-Amin (Shutterstock)

Did someone use a clone of Trump’s voice to fool a conservative talk show into thinking they were interviewing him? It’s sorta unclear but real Kyle Barr’s deep dive on the weirdness surrounding this incident.

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