Apple Reportedly Wants Vision Pro to Diagnose Mental Health Disorders

Apple Reportedly Wants Vision Pro to Diagnose Mental Health Disorders

As Apple continues to struggle with what exactly to do with its overpriced Vision Pro, discussions behind the scenes reportedly included using the mixed-reality headset to diagnose—and potentially treat—mental health.

Healthcare providers (or Apple) could glean a patient’s mental health via data taken by the headset’s onboard cameras and sensors, according to a report from The Information Wednesday. That data includes facial expressions, which could apparently be used to identify mood disorders like anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Apple employees reportedly discussed also using the Vision Pro’s eye-tracking software to further gather data on how a patient may display emotion. For treatment, the headset could then display sounds and images to elicit positive feelings and improve mood.

Apple did not immediately return Gizmodo’s request for comment.

This is not the first time rumours swirled around Apple’s interest in pursuing mental health tracking. In 2021, Apple was reportedly working on mental health tracking software for the iPhone in two, separate collaborations with UCLA and pharmaceutical company Biogen, respectively. Like the discussions surrounding the Vision Pro, the iPhone could offer Apple insights into a person’s temperament via data from the keyboard, cameras, and audio sensors to track metrics like facial expression, sleep patterns, and typing speed. More recently, Apple’s Wonderlust event put an emphasis on the company’s commitment to wellness and health.

Apple unveiled the Vision Pro headset at this summer’s Worldwide Developers Conference. While the tech was heralded as a big leap for Apple, consumers and investors alike were bewildered by the headset’s $US3,500 price tag. Nevertheless, CEO Tim Cook said at WWDC that he hopes the Vision Pro will do for AR/VR what Mac did to computing and the iPhone did to cell phones.

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