Samsung’s One UI 6 Update Adds AI Camera Features to Level Up Your Photography

Samsung’s One UI 6 Update Adds AI Camera Features to Level Up Your Photography

Samsung’s One UI 6 update brings a number of features to the Galaxy camera that promise to improve your photos. These six new features are marketed to both serious photographers as well as the average smartphone user.

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X App

The Enhance X-App aims to minimise the steps required to take a picture and also attempts to make sure all your pictures turn out great. It offers a couple of interesting features:

  • Sky Guide allows you to take a picture of the sky and learn about which constellation, nebulas, stars, clusters, or galaxies you captured with the help of AI integrated in the camera.
  • You know when the picture you take comes out blurry because your camera lens is dirty? Clean Lens will automatically remove blurriness caused by fingerprints on your camera lens.
  • If you ever make a regular video and later wish you filmed it in slow-motion, the Slow-mo feature does that for you by generating extra frames within your video.

AI Image Clipping

Taking a page out of iOS’ features, AI Image Clipping lets you clip an object from a picture, save it as a sticker, and add it to other pictures or videos.

Document Scan

The new update offers multiple AI-integrated scanning features. Document scan will come up automatically when a document is detected. It will also recognize fingers or bulldog clips and remove them from your images so that it only shows the document you intended to scan.

High Resolution Quick Setting

With the High Resolution Quick Setting, when you take pictures in Photo or Pro Mode, you get a Resolution button in the Quick Settings menu at the top of your screen that allows you to instantly switch to high-resolution shooting and take 200MP pictures.

Customer Camera Widgets

Custom Camera Widgets aim to speed up the time it takes for you to open your camera app and choose the right settings for the object you wish to photograph. It tries to make sure you don’t miss the perfect moment by offering to save your go-to shooting modes as camera widgets that you can just quickly tap on.

Intuitive Photo Editor Layout

This one’s very similar to the last feature. It brings up a new Tools menu on your camera with all the features you use the most. You can also fix the vertical and horizontal alignment of your picture on one screen with the integration of the Straighten and Perspective functions in the Transform edit menu.

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