Sony Patents a PS5 Controller That Stores and Charges Earbuds

Sony Patents a PS5 Controller That Stores and Charges Earbuds

Sony recently patented a PS5 controller that can also store and charge wireless earbuds.

The controller would feature a pair of slots where the buds can be docked for storage. The dock would also be able to charge them and pair them to a console.

According to the company, using the controller as an earbuds case and a charger eliminates the need to manage two separate devices and simplifies the overall user experience as the user will now have one less device to manage communication with the gaming device. The buds being stored inside the controller will also allow users with a proprietary low-latency audio connection between the earbuds and the controller and simplify the communication between the mics or speakers of the buds with the controller. It will also reduce the number of devices a user would have to track.

The final design for the controller has not been finalised yet. The patent shows multiple concepts for where the slots would be located. Most of the designs propose the buds going behind the touchpad, while one option shows them being in each of the controller’s grips.

According to Sony:

The design would help streamline management of two separate pairing processes and batteries by condensing them into one.

The patent was filed on April 7, 2022, and published last week. With the Pulse Explore earbuds being released earlier this year, there’s a chance we might see the launch of a new PS5 controller soon that stores Sony’s proprietary earbuds. We already saw the announcement on the PlayStation Access Controller that is due to be launched later this year.

It’s important to note that a patent doesn’t mean a final product will ever materialise. And given the relatively limited battery life on Sony’s DualSense controller, this might not be the most practical idea but it has potential.

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