Finally, You Can Buy an Apple AirPods Pro USB-C Case Separately

Finally, You Can Buy an Apple AirPods Pro USB-C Case Separately

The rumors are true. If you need to replace or switch to a USB-C charging case for your Apple AirPods Pro, you will no longer have to spend $399 on a new pair. Apple is finally selling its new USB-C AirPods Pro USB-C charging cases separately for $159 (first spotted by The Verge).

Apple is no stranger to finding ways to make you spend extra on top of its products. It makes zero sense to go with a different port for your product line when there is already an industry standard port that literally every manufacturer uses.

Thankfully, the EU made everyone switch to USB-C ports and charging cables by the end of 2024. Apple had to comply, so we got USB-C ports on the new iPhone 15 series. The same announcement also said it would give the new second-gen AirPods Pro an upgrade from Lightning to USB-C charging ports.

Early AirPods Pro adopters were not able to buy just the Type-C charging case on its own without having to spend another $399 on a brand-new headset, which is a lot of money if you’re looking to switch ports. Even if you somehow “lost” your charging case with a Lightning port, there’s no guarantee Apple would replace it with one that has a USB-C. With the company selling the USB-C case separately, $150 doesn’t seem like too big of a financial ask and a lot less of a headache.

Apart from the ports, selling the case separately is great news since Apple hasn’t ever done this before, making replacing it less of a process. It’s important to remember that the new USB-C AirPods cases are only compatible with the second-gen AirPods Pro.

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