No, Rey’s Star Wars Movie Hasn’t Been Delayed

No, Rey’s Star Wars Movie Hasn’t Been Delayed

You can take that latest Star Wars rumor and throw it in the sarlacc pit. Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that the upcoming Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Star Wars film featuring the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey had been delayed indefinitely. The reason? Creative differences with the film’s writer, Steven Knight.

Well, that’s not true, according to Lucasfilm. A source at the company told io9 the report is inaccurate and Knight continues to write and be a part of the process. In fact, the company is waiting on his latest draft as you read this.

Now, you can certainly understand the confusion. Last week’s announcement of the previously unannounced The Mandalorian & Grogu as the next Star Wars movie threw a wrench in everyone’s assumptions that the Rey New Jedi Order film would be the next one out. However, that news merely shifted things around and, as has been demonstrated with this film and its numerous writers over the past few years, the company seems to just want to take its time and make sure it gets everything right.

But, for reasons we can only guess at, this movie in particular has drawn the dark side out of certain pockets of Star Wars fandom. From inaccurate plot summaries to quotes from the film’s director being taken out of context, some Star Wars fans are simply up in arms about a Star Wars film about a woman being directed by a woman. But no matter what people want to believe about this movie, it’s still doing just fine.

Now, to be fair, can anyone say with 100% certainty that it’s coming out? Of course not. This is Star Wars and if the last 10 years have taught us anything, it’s that until cameras start rolling (and, sometimes, not even then), not everything that’s announced ends up happening. But, right now, at this moment, this particular film has not been delayed, despite what you may have heard in other pockets of the internet.

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