Disney Is Really, Really Sure Everyone Watching the Super Bowl Saw Deadpool 3’s Trailer

Disney Is Really, Really Sure Everyone Watching the Super Bowl Saw Deadpool 3’s Trailer

In just 24 hours the Deadpool & Wolverine movie trailer became the most viewed piece of promotional content from Disney with a line about pegging. Bless the Merc with the Mouth played by Ryan Reynolds, whose return to the big screen with the promise of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine rocked the Super Bowl teasers on every available platform by scoring 365 million views in just a day.

Being spread out (just like Deadpool likes it) between star Ryan Reynolds and Marvel Studios Youtube channel as well as on platforms like Instagram and globally, the trailer for Deadpool & Wolverinewas everywhere. Of course, that mindboggling figure is helped in part by the fact that 123 million people watched the Super Bowl this past weekend, a number included in the tally—a Disney source familiar with the matter clarified to io9 that the number the studio is using is a global one, across all Disney and third-party platforms hosting the trailer, as well as the live ratings for Super Bowl LVIII given by CBS.

It’s still a pretty remarkable achievement, even if it’s a little cheeky to include the Super Bowl’s ratings like absolutely everyone watching was also glued to Ryan Reynold’s distressing toupee. Deadpool & Wolverine has clearly already sparked a ton of interest in the wake of the trailer’s release, including reactions and breakdowns galore for the film, which is set to further tie in the Fox universe of X-men, following the reveal in The Marvels post credits scene of Beast and Binary meeting Monica Rambeau. The Multiverse is shook, considering we also know have the God of Stories Loki sitting holding it all together as Deadpool is approached by a newly reformed TVA, with Mr. Darcy—I mean, an TVA agent played by Matthew MacFayden leading Wade Wilson’s new mission to be Marvel Jesus.

They hype doesn’t end there with the press tour unofficially starting with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s playful faux feud kicking up again like on Instagram, where Jackman shared this alternate title for the film:

Deadpool and Wolverine will hit theaters with a bang on July 26!

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