Someone Finally Found a Good Use for a Cybertruck

Someone Finally Found a Good Use for a Cybertruck

It finally happened, late last year deliveries of Tesla’s Cybertruck electric pickup truck really began. And while the angular truck can now be found clogging up the roads of America with it’s ridiculous design, massive windshield wiper and poor truck performance, one buyer has actually managed to find a really good use for the stainless steel behemoth.

The owner of a Cybertruck left their monstrosity in the hands of YouTuber Christian Peper for a day and, while he didn’t figure out how to turn the electric truck into an ice cream maker, he did manage to do something even cooler.

That’s because Christian Peper isn’t your regular headline-grabbing YouTuber, he’s a YouTuber who also happens to be pretty slick on two wheels. So what did he do with the Cybertruck and its divisive angles? He turned it into a mountain bike jump, of course.


Cybertruck VS Mtn Bike 😳 thx for the ride @supercar_ron 🤣

In a new video shared across YouTube and Instagram, Peper jumps up onto the rear of the truck, riding over the Cybertruck’s extended tonneau cover, hopping over the pointed roof and then skidding down the expansive windscreen – which flexes to an impressive degree in the process.

Peper then pushes the strength of the trucks bed cover to the extreme, using the sloping line as a launch pad to jump the front end of the car. Thankfully, the rear windshied takes the strain comfortably and Peper adds a neat little barspin flourish to the jump. Lovely stuff.

It’s a fun little clip, which we’ve linked above for your enjoyment, but I feel like there’s more jumping potential to be had from the truck. For example, do you think there’s anyone out there brave enough to backflip off the Cybertruck’s angular body panels? Now that, I’d like to see.

What’s more, are there any other cars out there that could provide as much fun for the world’s mountain bikers? Maybe this could spawn a whole new video series of slick tricks being pulled from car roofs.

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