The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Seems Like One Tough Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Seems Like One Tough Phone

I don’t know how durable the titanium is on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra, and I’m not up to throwing our review unit into a blender and finding out. But JerryRigEverything is up to poking and prodding the Ultra with sharp tools, and it turns out that at least Ultra’s display is the toughest thing about it so far.

The Corning Gorilla Glass Armor seems to be doing wonders for the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s ability to withstand life’s pointy predicaments. The device could withstand scratches from a level seven pointy-thing in JerryRigEverything’s initial teardown tests. There was also a brief bendy test introduced in the eight-minute video, and so far, the Galaxy S24 Ultra does not bend as much as Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max did months ago.


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – Things will never be the same…

JerryRigEverything also took apart the embedded S Pen in the Galaxy S24 Ultra—sorry, I should have written “tore apart” because it’s a shot of a hand breaking the stylus into two as if it were a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls. Unfortunately, there’s nothing delicious to see here unless you find copper wiring causes you to salivate.

It is neat to see how Samsung does the deed with its S Pen, like how the capacitor at the top of the pen wirelessly charges it enough to act as a remote outside its smartphone housing. It’s one thing to see it in an official Samsung diagram and another to see it dissected in real time.

Inside the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S Pen.

We’re still awaiting the final verdict on whether titanium adds extra reinforcement to Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra. JerryRigEverything notes that it’s definitely “some really premium stuff,” though the material needs to undergo more rigorous internal testing before determining how premium. The sound of the exacto knife hitting the titanium caused me to grit my teeth—content warning there for you.

At the very least, we know that you can toss the Ultra into a bag with your house keys without the worry it will come out all scratched up. The matte finish on the display also helps buffer any scratches from a Seriously Sharp point.

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