Backbone One 2nd Edition Now Compatible With More Cases

Backbone One 2nd Edition Now Compatible With More Cases

The Backbone One phone controller is getting an update, and this time, it’s compatible with more phone cases.

Backbone One 2nd Generation Lightning and USB-C controllers are out today. The big improvement in this version of the controller is the new magnetic adapters that support more phone cases. With the 1st Generation Backbone One, it was compatible with peel cases and other very thin phone cases. Speaking from personal experience, evenApple’s silicon case was just a hair too bulky for the controller to fit snugly around the phone.

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Other improvements with the 2nd Generation Backbone One include a better ergonomic design, improved phone stability, and a reshaped D-Pad. Current subscribers to the Backbone+ membership can get a 30% discount on the $US99 price when upgrading their controller, which comes in the standard version similar to an Xbox controller and a PlayStation version with the same layout as the PS5 controller. Both versions are available for purchase on the Backbone site and Amazon.

The Backbone One phone controller is a solid alternative to the current hot trend in video games: handheld game devices. The Steam Deck, PlayStation Portal, Legion Go, and ROG Ally all came out in the past two years, and they range from $US200 for the Portal to $US700 for the Legion Go. While these devices have enough power to run the latest games, your phone can still play most of the same games via the cloud. Services such as Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and GeForce Now have mobile apps for Android and iOS devices to stream games from the cloud or directly off the hardware in your home. The Backbone One controller is also handy with mobile games that support controllers like Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile launching on Thursday.

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