For The First Time, Boost Mobile Will Sell NBN Plans

For The First Time, Boost Mobile Will Sell NBN Plans

Budget telco Boost Mobile is launching a new offering to customers and will sell NBN plans in Australia.

Up until now, Boost Mobile has been an affordable telco on the Telstra network, offering cheaper-than-usual plans with 5G access (speed capped at 150Mbps at the time of writing).

Now, through the launch of ‘Boost Broadband’, the company is moving to offer fixed-line internet plans on the NBN.

Boost Broadband is being developed in collaboration with BTB Australia, a wholesale telco support business.

“This is a major moment in Boost Mobile’s history as we expand beyond mobility for the first time. For 24 years we have been waking up every day and fighting for our consumers, making sure they get a great deal and a great service. As we close in on one million Australian prepaid mobile customers who trust us with their mobile communications, it only makes sense to also help them in their home,” Boost Mobile Founder Peter Adderton said.

“We made a commitment previously to expand into other areas of the telco industry that need disruption, and today is a first and very important step in fully capitalising on the trust that so many Australians have placed in us and the Boost brand. I thank the team at BTB for working with us to flesh this out and become our valued partner in bringing this to life.”

If Boost remains true to its value-focused roots, then the deployment of Boost Broadband will see the telco take on budget internet providers such as Flip, Tangerine, and Swoop.

At the time of writing, Boost hasn’t detailed any information on plan offerings – just a ‘coming soon’ expression of interest page on its website. The company is advertising “close to 1Gbps speeds” at homes with FTTP-enabled NBN, which indicates that it could be selling NBN 1000 plans, but again, there’s been no detailed plan information yet.

We will keep you posted when we know more.

Image: Boost Mobile