Here’s the Full AI-Generated Script From the Willy Wonka Disaster

Here’s the Full AI-Generated Script From the Willy Wonka Disaster

An event based on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory made international news over the weekend after a promised world of imagination turned into a full on disaster. “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” in Glasgow, Scotland was promoted with elaborate AI-generated images of lollipop forests and jellybean waterfalls. But when families arrived, they were greeted by a filthy, barely decorated warehouse, prompting parents to call the police (see the photos here). Now, Gizmodo has a copy of the event’s unhinged AI-generated script.

The script was shared in a Facebook group organized after the event called “House of Illuminati Scam,” named after the company behind the production. An actress named Cara Lewis posted the document, saying actors were given two days to memorize it and then told to abandon the text and improvise as the fiasco unfolded.

Gizmodo reached out to Lewis and a number of the other actors but didn’t hear back, and with no response from House of Illuminati, we can’t fully guarantee the script’s authenticity. However, Lewis was clearly present at Willy’s Chocolate Experience, and the script matches descriptions from other actors and people who attended the event. Based on our reporting, it seems like the real thing.

The script has all the hallmarks of AI, including the nonsensical decision to include lines for audience members and descriptions of the crowd’s reaction, as though it’s happening in real-time. You’ll also notice the code names for Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas. House of Illuminati said on its website that any resemblance to existing characters is “coincidental” and the event is unrelated to the copyrighted Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


You can read the script in its entirety below. We’ve also posted an original copy here (note the first page is blank).

Wonkidoodles at McDuff’s Chocolate Factory: A Script


Willy McDuff: Introduction and Audience Interaction Before Entering the Garden of Enchantment

Scene: A whimsical, brightly lit stage that hints at the magic of the Garden of

Enchantment beyond. Willy McDuff, a character of eccentric charm and wit, stands before the curtain that separates the mundane from the magical. The audience is buzzing with anticipation.

Willy McDuff: (with a grandiose flourish) Ladies, gentlemen, and esteemed guests of all ages, welcome! I am Willy McDuff, your humble guide on this journey to the extraordinary, the spectacular, the downright magical Garden of Enchantment!

(Audience applauds)

Willy McDuff: (smiling) Ah, I see we have enthusiasts among us! But before we proceed, a few formalities—well, not so formal, if I have anything to say about it (Winks)

(He strides downstage, closer to the audience, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.)

Willy McDuff: You see, the Garden of Enchantment isn’t just any garden. Oh no! It’s a place where the trees whisper secrets of old, the flowers sing in harmony, and the stones… well, they mostly just sit there, but they do it enchantingly!

(Audience laughs)

Willy McDuff: Now, I must ask—who among you has brought their sense of

wonder? Show of hands, please!

(Audience members raise their hands, some enthusiastically, others more timidly.)

Willy McDuff: Splendid! And who has packed an extra pair of socks? You know, in case the first pair gets knocked off by sheer amazement?

(Audience laughs again, a few hands remain raised.)

Willy McDuff: Ah, we have some well-prepared adventurers! Excellent! Your journey into the Garden will be one of awe, of laughter, and perhaps, a mild case of bewilderment. But fear not! For I, Willy McDuff, have traversed its paths many a time and have only gotten lost… (pauses for effect) thrice.

(Audience chuckles, enjoying McDuff’s self-deprecating humor.)

Willy McDuff: Now, a crucial question—does anyone here speak fluent Squirrel? No? Shame, they’re the best conversationalists in the Garden. But worry not, for I am a certified interpreter of Squirrel, Duck, and on special occasions, Bashful Tulip.

(Audience is visibly amused, some are leaning in, fully engaged in McDuff’s

charismatic presence.)

Willy McDuff: Before we embark, I must warn you, the Garden has a way of… enhancing one’s emotions. So, if you find yourself inexplicably joyful, or suddenly bursting into song, embrace it! It’s all part of the enchantment.

(He starts to walk back towards the stage.)

Willy McDuff: And now, my dear friends, are you ready to leave the mundane

behind and step into a world where the impossible becomes possible, where every turn brings a new wonder, and where the only limit is your imagination?

(The audience responds with cheers and applause.)

Willy McDuff: (grinning) Then, without further ado, let us proceed. But remember, keep your belongings close, your wits about you, and your socks well-secured. To the Garden of Enchantment, we go!

(Willy McDuff leads the audience with a dramatic gesture towards the curtain, which slowly begins to open, revealing the first glimpses of the Garden of Enchantment as lights and sounds from the magical realm spill into the auditorium, ending the scene on a high note of anticipation and excitement.)

In the Garden of Enchantment with Willy McDuff and the Wonkidoodles

Scene: The stage transforms into a vibrant, mystical Garden of Enchantment, filled with oversized, colorful flowers, twinkling lights, and mysterious pathways. Willy McDuff, with his distinct attire and a sparkle in his eyes, is joined by the playful Wonkidoodles, each holding baskets brimming with an assortment of whimsical sweets.

Willy McDuff: (spreading his arms wide) Ah, welcome, welcome to the heart of the Garden of Enchantment! A place where wonders never cease and the sweets… (he gestures towards the Wonkidoodles) are as enchanting as the surroundings!

(The Wonkidoodles dance around, offering sweets to the audience members who have followed them onto the stage, transformed into the garden for this immersive experience.)

Wonkidoodle 1: (tripping over a pretend stone, sweets flying everywhere) Oops! It seems even the stones want a taste of our treats!

(Audience laughs as Wonkidoodle 2 helps gather the sweets, turning the mishap into a playful act.)

Willy McDuff: (chuckling) Careful there! Our garden stones are known to be quite the sweet tooths! Now, dear guests, feel free to explore, but beware of the Giggle Grass—it’s been known to induce spontaneous laughter!

(Audience members are encouraged to move around and interact with the set pieces, including the Giggle Grass, which, when stepped on, triggers hidden speakers to play laughter sounds.)

Wonkidoodle 2: (handing out a peculiarly shaped candy) Try this! It’s our latest

creation: the Whizzbang Whirlygig! Just be sure you’re not standing upside down when you eat it, or you might find yourself floating!

Willy McDuff: (joining in the fun) And if anyone encounters our Talking Tulips, do pay them a compliment. They’ve been a bit wilting lately, and a kind word goes along way in this garden.

(Audience members engage with the interactive flowers, offering compliments, to which the flowers respond with pre-recorded, whimsical thank-yous.)

Wonkidoodle 1: (to a guest) Oh, and if you see a butterfly, whisper your sweetest dream to it. They’re our official secret keepers and dream carriers of the garden!

Willy McDuff: (gathering everyone’s attention) Now, I must ask, has anyone seen the elusive Bubble Bloom? It’s a rare flower that blooms just once every blue moon and fills the air with shimmering bubbles!

(The stage crew discreetly activates bubble machines, filling the area with bubbles, causing excitement and wonder among the audience.)

Wonkidoodle 2: (pretending to catch bubbles) Quick! Each bubble holds a whisper of enchantment—catch one, and make a wish!

Willy McDuff: (as the bubble-catching frenzy continues) Remember, in the Garden of Enchantment, every moment is a chance for magic, every corner hides a story, and every bubble… (catches a bubble) holds a dream.

(He opens his hand, and the bubble gently pops, releasing a small, twinkling light that ascends into the rafters, leaving the audience in awe.)

Willy McDuff: (with warmth) My dear friends, take this time to explore, to laugh, and to dream. For in this garden, the magic is real, and the possibilities are endless. And who knows? The next wonder you encounter may just be around the next bend.

Scene ends with the audience fully immersed in the interactive, magical experience, laughter and joy filling the air as Willy McDuff and the Wonkidoodles continue to engage and delight with their enchanting antics and treats.

Scene Before Entry into the Dark and Mysterious Twilight Tunnel

Scene: The vibrant colors and whimsical laughter of the Garden of Enchantment gradually give way to a more subdued atmosphere. The path narrows, and the light dims, leading to the entrance of the Twilight Tunnel. Willy McDuff, with a lantern in hand, gathers the audience at the threshold, where shadows dance and an air of mystery envelops the space. The Wonkidoodles huddle close, their usual mirth replaced by an eager anticipation mixed with a hint of apprehension.

Willy McDuff: (in a hushed tone, drawing the audience closer) Brave explorers, our journey through the Garden of Enchantment has brought us to a most curious threshold—the entrance to the Twilight Tunnel.

(The audience’s chatter quiets down, their attention captured by the change in Willy’s tone and the intriguing darkness ahead.)

Willy McDuff: (gesturing towards the tunnel) Beyond this point lies a realm of shadows and whispers, a place where the mysteries of the night come alive. But fear not, for though the path may be veiled in darkness, it is also speckled with the light of a thousand twilight stars.

(Wonkidoodle 1 clutches a small, glowing orb, offering a visual representation of the “twilight stars” Willy mentioned.)

Wonkidoodle 1: (with a tone of awe) These orbs are the captured essence of twilight itself. They will guide us when the stars above are shy.

Willy McDuff: (nodding) Indeed, my friend. And as we step into the shadows,

remember, it is in the darkness that the light shines brightest. So, I ask you, are you ready to embrace the unknown and discover the secrets that lie within?

(The audience murmurs affirmatively, a mix of excitement and nervous anticipation in the air.)

Willy McDuff: (smiling reassuringly) Fear not, for you are not alone. Together, we shall traverse the twists and turns of the Twilight Tunnel, and who knows what wonders we might uncover?

(Willy turns to the Wonkidoodles, who are now distributing the glowing orbs to the audience members.)

Willy McDuff: These orbs are not only our light but our promise to each other—that no matter how dark the path, we will find our way through, together.

(Wonkidoodle 2, looking slightly more courageous, steps forward.)

Wonkidoodle 2: And remember, in the Twilight Tunnel, it’s not just about finding the light. It’s about finding the courage within ourselves to face the dark and emerge stronger on the other side.

Willy McDuff: (raising his lantern) So, with hearts brave and spirits bold, let us step into the Twilight Tunnel, where adventure awaits at every shadow’s edge. After all, the greatest treasures are often hidden in the darkest places.

(Willy leads the way into the tunnel, with the audience following closely behind, their glowing orbs illuminating the path as they venture into the unknown, leaving the world of light and laughter behind for a journey filled with mystery and discovery.)

Scene ends as the group disappears into the mouth of the Twilight Tunnel, the light from their orbs casting a soft glow that fades into the encompassing darkness, setting the stage for an adventure unlike any other.


Scene in the Twilight Tunnel with Willy McDuff, the Unknown, and the Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper

Scene: Deep within the serpentine pathways of the Twilight Tunnel, the atmosphere grows tense as Willy McDuff gathers the audience in a semi-circle. His face is illuminated by the flickering light of his lantern, casting long shadows on the walls.

The group’s laughter and whispers fade as Willy begins to speak in a grave tone.

Willy McDuff: (with a serious expression) My dear adventurers, we stand on the precipice of a discovery most wondrous and perilous. For within these ancient walls lurks a tale not yet told, of an evil chocolate maker known only as the Unknown. (The audience leans in, captivated by Willy’s words.)

Willy McDuff: This fiendish foe has long coveted one of my most cherished

creations—the Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper. A marvel of confectionery science designed to aid, oh, not just any soul, but the tireless guardians of cleanliness, our beloved mums… and yes, dads too, but especially mums, from the endless scourge of dirty socks strewn about by youthful adventurers.

(A murmur of amusement and agreement ripples through the audience.)

Willy McDuff: (suddenly freezing mid-sentence, his expression locked in shock)

(Silence envelops the group, the tension palpable. Then, from the shadows, a figure emerges, cloaked in mystery and malice—the Unknown.)

The Unknown: (with a voice both smooth and sinister) Ah, Willy McDuff and his band of intrepid explorers. You have something I desire, and with your unwitting aid, it shall be mine. The Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper will no longer clean your worlds; it will turn them to chaos at my command.

(The audience gasps, some shifting nervously, as the Unknown scans the crowd, his gaze landing on a “chosen” audience member.)

The Unknown: You there! Yes, you will assist me in acquiring this precious sweet. Together, we shall rewrite the rules of cleanliness and order!

(As the Unknown extends a hand towards the audience member, the room suddenly brightens, and Willy McDuff “unfreezes,” shaking his head as if disoriented.)

Willy McDuff: (confused) Wha—what happened? Did anyone else feel a chill?(He looks around, feigning ignorance of the Unknown’s presence.) You all look as if you’ve seen a ghost! Or perhaps, you’re just feeling a bit… whitety?

(Laughter breaks the tension, as Willy reassures the audience with a wink and a smile, subtly dismissing the ominous threat of the Unknown as nothing more than a momentary illusion.)

Willy McDuff: Fear not, my friends, for the power of imagination and good cheer can dispel even the darkest of shadows. Now, let us continue our journey, with hearts light and spirits undimmed.

Transition to the Bubble and Lemonade Room

Willy McDuff: (suddenly brightening) Speaking of light spirits, I find myself quite parched after our…unexpected adventure. But fortune smiles upon us, for just beyond this door lies a room filled with refreshments most delightful—the Bubble and Lemonade Room!

(With a flourish, Willy opens a previously unnoticed door, revealing a room where the air sparkles with floating bubbles, and rivers of sparkling lemonade flow freely.)

Willy McDuff: Here, my dear guests, you may quench your thirst with lemonade that fizzes and dances on the tongue, and chase bubbles that burst with flavors unimaginable. A toast, to adventures shared and friendships forged in the heart of the unknown!

(The audience, now relieved and rejuvenated by the whimsical turn of events, follows Willy into the Bubble and Lemonade Room, laughter and chatter filling the air once more, as they immerse themselves in the joyous, bubbly wonderland.)

Scene: The Imagination Lab and McDuff TV

Scene: Inside the vibrant Bubble and Lemonade Room, the guests’ laughter and enjoyment fill the air as they sip on the fizzy, magical drinks. Their attention is soon drawn to a mysterious door marked “Imagination Lab: Keep Out.” Willy McDuff, with a mischievous glint in his eye, gathers the guests around the forbidden entrance.

Willy McDuff: (with an air of secrecy) Ah, my curious friends, behind this door lies the heart of our confectionary wonders, the Imagination Lab! A place where the impossible becomes possible, and the peculiar becomes delightful.

(The audience leans in, eager to hear more about the mystical lab.)

Willy McDuff: Within these walls, we’ve concocted creations beyond your wildest dreams. McDuff TV, for instance, where you can watch your favorite flavors come to life right before your eyes!

(A murmur of intrigue spreads through the crowd.)

Willy McDuff: And let’s not forget our secret inventions—the soup-flavored jelly beans designed to keep the wee ones clean, hot and spicy beans that… (lowers his voice) attract the birds. (Winks) That’s a story for another day, or perhaps a question for your parents.

(The audience chuckles, appreciating the playful innuendo.)

Willy McDuff: Ah, and my favorite—the Boogerberry Bean, freshly made from Grandpa’s old crusty hanky. A taste that’s… well, let’s just say, uniquely exquisite.

(The guests exchange amused and slightly apprehensive glances.)

Willy McDuff: (proudly) And, of course, the pièce de résistance, the Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper. Not only a marvel in keeping children’s rooms clean but a testament to the wonders of imagination and innovation.

(The door slowly swings open, revealing a glimpse of the lab’s interior—flashes of color, bubbling concoctions, and strange machinery.)

Scene: Trying the Strange Sweets

Willy McDuff: (beckoning the guests inside) Now, who among you dares to taste the fruits of our imagination? Step right up and prepare for a flavor adventureunlike any other!

(The guests eagerly approach a table laden with the described sweets, each picking their choice with a mix of excitement and trepidation.)

Guest 1: (trying the soup-flavored jelly bean) It’s like… dinner in a dessert.


Guest 2: (braving the Boogerberry Bean) Oh, wow! It’s oddly… gorgeous? How is that possible?

(Laughter and surprised exclamations fill the room as the guests indulge in the whimsical treats.)


Scene: McDuff TV Camera

As the tasting continues, Willy McDuff gestures towards an old-fashioned camera with a sign “McDuff TV” on it.

Willy McDuff: And now, for a bit of fun. Let’s capture your expressions for McDuff TV, the only channel where every reaction is a flavor sensation!

(The camera lights up, and Willy directs the guests to react to the flavors they’re

experiencing. Their expressions of delight, surprise, and bemusement are broadcast on a vintage television set in the corner, providing a hilarious and heartwarming spectacle.)

Willy McDuff: (laughing) Look at those marvelous expressions! Each face tells a story, a testament to the boundless realms of taste and imagination. Remember, in the Imagination Lab, every discovery is a step towards joy, and every flavor tells a tale.

Scene ends with the guests gathered around the television, watching themselves and laughing together, united in a shared experience of wonder and discovery. Willy McDuff watches over them, a satisfied smile on his face, knowing that the spirit of adventure and imagination has been kindled in their hearts.

Scene: Willy vs. The Unknown – The Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper Showdown

Scene: The excitement within the Imagination Lab reaches a crescendo as the guests gather around for an unprecedented spectacle. The lights dim, and a spotlight illuminates Willy McDuff standing at one end of the room, holding the last Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper in his hand. Opposite him, shrouded in darkness, emerges The Unknown, with a device that emits a sinister glow. The air crackles with anticipation.

Willy McDuff: (holding up the Gobstopper) Behold, the culmination of imagination and ingenuity—the Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper! A sweet so powerful, it can make anyn room sparkle without lifting a finger. But it seems, our friend, The Unknown, would rather use it for… less tidy purposes.

The Unknown: (sneering) That’s right, McDuff. Imagine the chaos, the absolute power of turning tidiness into turmoil. Hand it over, and I might consider sparing your precious lab.

(The audience gasps, tension mounting as the two adversaries stand ready.)

Willy McDuff: (resolute) In the spirit of imagination and the pursuit of joy, I cannot let that happen. If it’s a showdown you want, it’s a showdown you’ll get!

(Suddenly, the room transforms into a battlefield of lights and lasers. Willy uses a device resembling a futuristic remote, activating traps and illusions around the lab to thwart The Unknown’s advances.)

The Unknown: (dodging a beam of light) You think these parlor tricks will stop me? I’ve come too far to be foiled now!

(He retaliates with his own device, shooting beams of light towards Willy, who

skillfully evades them, using the lab’s inventions as shields and counters.)

Willy McDuff: (with a twinkle in his eye) It’s not about stopping you with tricks, but with creativity! For every dark intention, there’s a light of innovation ready to shine through!

(Willy activates a machine that releases a dazzling display of holographic images, momentarily disorienting The Unknown. Seizing the opportunity, Willy sets the Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper into a contraption that amplifies its clean-up capabilities, sending a wave of sparkling cleanliness towards The Unknown, neutralizing his device and rendering him harmless.)

The Unknown: (stumbling, caught in the sparkling wave) No! My plans, thwarted by… tidiness?!

(The guests cheer as The Unknown is gently swept up by a robotic vacuum,

humorously ending the confrontation.)

Willy McDuff: (addressing the audience) And so, my friends, we see that even in the face of darkness, the light of imagination, joy, and a bit of clever cleaning can prevail. Let us remember, the greatest adventures and the most enduring victories are those we achieve together.

(The room lights up, returning to its vibrant state, as Willy offers a bow, the Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper safely in hand. The guests erupt into applause, celebrating the triumph of creativity and courage over chaos.)

Scene ends with Willy McDuff and the guests reveling in the success of their

imaginative endeavor, reinforcing the power of unity and the endless possibilities that lie within the realms of imagination and innovation.


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