New PS5 Feature Will Record How Awesome You Are in Order to Help Other Players

New PS5 Feature Will Record How Awesome You Are in Order to Help Other Players

For anyone who got stuck in a game and had to run to YouTube to figure out how to proceed, Sony will add a new feature to the PlayStation 5 to help with that. Players will be able to see video clips from others to find out exactly what to do when they can’t get past a part.

Game Help is a feature available on certain games where developers can provide tips, but later this year, there will be a Community Game Help option to check out. When playing, players can look at Community Game Help on their PS5 to see clips of other players other players at the same part, and it’s all done automatically.

Players who want to participate and have their progress recorded to help other players can opt-in via their PS5 in the coming months by going to Captures & Broadcasts > Captures > Auto Captures > Community Game Help > Participate. You can also decide if you want to select how many videos are captured per month.

Once this is set, gameplay footage will be captured once certain activities are completed. These videos are then sent to a moderator who reviews the content, and when approved, they’re uploaded to Community Game Help. Images, video from a webcam, and audio will not be shared, but your online ID will be shown. These videos can be removed at any time after publishing. Other players who view these clips can then rate them to determine how useful they found it.

Sony says the Community Game Help will be available on select games later this year. It does have plans to extend this feature to as many games as possible. Community Game Help will also be available on the PlayStation app to view while playing a game using the feature.

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