Joseph Quinn’s Ready to Blaze His Own Trail as the Newest Human Torch

Joseph Quinn’s Ready to Blaze His Own Trail as the Newest Human Torch

Even before its casting was officially unveiled, Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four movie was always poised to be a big deal. The First Family of Marvel Comics hasn’t had a movie since Fant4stic nearly a decade ago (despite Fox’s best attempts), and we’re also coming up on 20 years since the studios’ previous go with the 2000s movies. Those two films have an interesting place in the superhero movie canon, particularly since their Johnny Storm was Chris Evans, who went on to become Captain America for nearly a decade.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Joseph Quinn was asked about if any previous version of Johnny colored his approach to the character. While he was a fan of Evans’ portrayal back in the day, he’s chiefly concerned with “making it your own [version].” There’s “big boots to fill,” certainly, but he says discussions with director Matt Shakman made clear that this movie won’t be in conversation with earlier versions like the MCU Spider-Man movies are with their cinematic past. “There are aspects of it that are very much a singular thing and its own thing. […]I’m really looking forward to establishing this familial dynamic with [my costars]and with Matt Shakman’s guidance.”

From the stars to Shakman and writers Jeff Kaplan, Ian Springer, and Eric Pearson, everyone involved wants to “get [Fantastic Four] right,” continued Quinn. According to him, this new movie will feel different from earlier Marvel movies in ways he clearly can’t explain. But he was hopeful that the end result will be a movie that both does right by the Four and also converts anyone who’s had understandable burnout on superhero movies in the last few years.

In regards to fatigue, Quinn noted that superhero movies have to put the people before the punches and bombast, nothing it’s why people see these in the first place. That’s something Fantastic Four is aiming to deliver on, and something that sounds like the core ethos of the entire film: “We’re not just in a penny, “ he said, “we’re in for a pound with this one. We’re going to go for it.”

The Fantastic Four comes to theaters on July 25, 2025, but Quinn can be seen next in A Quiet Place: Day One on June 7.

[via Variety]

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